Storyline Justin Magnus comments on his match at Old School Uprising

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  1. * The lights dim *

    * The crowd begins cheering, expecting Trip to re-emerge, but erupt in boos when @FailFaceFTW and Justin Magnus enter wearing suits. Magnus mocks Trip's walk down the entrance ramp and enters while @FailFaceFTW gets a mic and throws it to him *

    Justin Magnus: Aww, were you guys expecting someone? Oh, I'm sincerely sorry about that, I think the production crew made an error on the music, I'll check that later. But for now, lets get down to the real business.

    I've recently been informed by IWT management that I have been placed in a match against Jwab Atom at the upcoming show, Old School Uprising. Well, lets see what's wrong with that shall we. Number one, I thought that when I ditched my partner and defeated Al Poppin' before Extreme Rules, I proved that I don't need to be put in matches with low card jobbers. Hell, that's it, I don't need anymore reasons not to be facing this guy.

    But you know what, I'll give the benefit of the doubt, and "let" Jwab face me. It'll just be another loss on his already lackluster resume anyway, and another win for the walking legacy that is, Justin Magnus.

    * Magnus and @FailFaceFTW exit through the crowd *

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