Storyline Justin Magnus issues an Open Challenge

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  1. * The lights dim *

    * @FailFaceFTW enters wearing a suit and swings his arm to the side to introduce Justin Magnus. Magnus walks out wearing a jet black hoodie and navy blue jeans carrying a microphone. Both walk to the ring and enter, while Magnus begins talking. *

    "So me and my manager were having a talk backstage about preparing me for the MITB match. And then I thought, what better way to prepare than facing one of my opponents before MITB. So I'll keep this really short, if any of my opponents at MITB have the balls to come out and face me now, I dare you to. And hell, even if you don't, like the overrated Aids protege, you can still come out and take your chances..."

    * Magnus throws the microphone out to the floor *
  2. OOC: Still time left - no takers on this challenge???
  3. I'm in. Sorry for the late reply, time difference means i'm about 16 hours ahead right now.
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  4. *The lights are cut, the arena is suddenly dark*

    *At 0:25 Harriet appears at the top of the ramp, in her usual gear- black hoodie, skull mask, black shorts and boots*

    *The crowd give her a mixed reaction as she walks proudly down to the ramp. After removing the hoodie and mask she accepts a mic and climbs the stairs before stepping between the ropes*

    'Well you were wrong on both counts about me. I'm no longer Aids' protege- we went our separate ways. Because I don't need him... Or anyone for that matter.'

    *Harriet steps closer, maintaining eye contact*

    'I don't need anybody to hold my hand and reassure me. I already know I'm incredible and it's about time others started to come to that same conclusion. Now is the time that people start to admit that I am good... No, amazing at what I do.'

    'And like it or not folks, I will be the face of the IWT. I'd bet my life on it.'

    *Harriet turns to face the fans, smiling smugly. She turns back to Magnus.*

    'So you can peddle this shit about how everybody should fear you and how you're gonna beat everybody come MITB...but we know that it won't be the case. You'll lose and vanish from IWT, with any luck.'
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