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    Al Poppin' comes out to the ring wearing a white headband, a poncho and his purple tights with a white stripe down the side and the Shining Star Title around his waist. The crowd pop mildly to him while he stands on the stage and walks down to the ring, Al gets into the ring and is handed a mic, he then puts the Shining Star title on his right shoulder

    Al Poppin': Ladies and Gentlemen at IWT Uprising you were all denied a clear were all denied a winner, who is the Dude with the Most 'Tude in The Dudes With 'Tude. It was a match people were going to tell their grand children, a match no one would ever forget, but instead it was tainted, Justin Magnus's jealousy got the best of him and he decided to ruin our match for you the fans.....

    Al receives a big boo from the fans directed at his over ego on his card placement

    Al Poppin': I heartly agree, the fans were robbed at Uprising and who benefited? Trip In The Head profited. We have what I like to call a 'Reverse Robin Hood' People. Justin Magnus robbed the poor and gave to the rich. I cannot sit ideally by and see a classic tale parodied by IWT so horribly. I must rectify what is wrong, so Justin Magnus......I'm calling you out

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  2. * The lights dim *

    * Justin Magnus comes out wearing a suit and holding a microphone, while @FailFaceFTW also enters wearing a suit and twirling a Kendo Stick. Both make their way down and enter the ring, but Magnus comes face to face with Al, and smacks the microphone out of his hands *

    Justin Magnus: Well, not many words come to mind when you just asked me to come out here. Ballsy? Courageous? Bold? No, here's one for you, audacity. As in, what in the hell are you thinking having the audacity to come out here and call me out after what I did to you and your partners at Uprising. I'm gonna tell you, I got what I wanted and left. Maybe if you didn't get in my way, we wouldn't have this misunderstanding.

    But, you wasted both of our times and got me standing in front of you, so what in the hell do you want?
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  3. Al Poppin': Magnus, you robbed these people of the biggest thing to hit IWT since our debut, the crowning champion, we are the talk in the locker room. People would argue who would in a fight, a Dudes with 'Tude member...or Superman. Now Magnus, That tournament Magnus was to put a front runner into that argument, people would have compared me to the son of freaking Krypton...

    Al receives a boo from the fans directed at again at his over-inflated ego

    Al Poppin': But I think Magnus, you're jealous of the Dudes With 'Tude, you're around, struggling to get anywhere, but the Dudes, we're being approached to book..What?? Record Scratch! The Dudes with 'Tude are in demand Magnus. We're on the rise....and you know it. You know we're going places and you want in....

    Al pauses as the crowd give a major negative reaction

    Al Poppin': You want to join the driving force that hold Championship Gold. But after what you did, I'm not sure. I know you Magnus, you want to go places, but you need someone leading you who doesn't have the charisma of a stick insect, So I have a little proposition for you Magnus, you beat down all our members in a shallow jumping, why don't you prove to these people that Justin Magnus is a threat. I'll throw you a bone, and let you on Uprising. I was going to re-schedule the final, but why fight one another, when we have a vendetta in our hands. Justin Magnus, at Uprising, I say you take on every single member of the Dudes With 'Tude, 4 on 1 Handicap Match

    The Crowd pop at the match suggestion

    Al Poppin': But....if you lose Magnus, if you cannot overcome the awesomeness of the Dudes With 'Tude, then you prove to all these people that he (points to FailFaceFTW) cannot manage you and you need a new leader, if you lose Magnus, then you leave him and you join the Dudes with 'Tude

    Al pauses to hear from Justin Magnus as the crowd murmur at the stipulation
  4. * Justin Magnus looks over and discusses the proposition with his manager, which sees FailFace shaking his head numerous times. After a couple minutes of seeing the two discuss, Magnus turns towards Al *

    Justin Magnus: Al, you just don't have it in you, do you? Can't make a one on one, but a handicap match with all of you and that stipulation.......? You're on!

    * FailFace yells at Magnus and both of them leave going back and forth at each other *
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