Storyline Justin Magnus' Open Challenge

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  1. * The squealing of tires is heard from the back by the crowd. The confusion is cleared up when a Tesla Model S speeds out from backstage to the right of the ramp and drifts to a stop. The lights dim *

    * Justin Magnus exits the car from the driver side and walks over to the passenger side. He opens the door and out comes @FailFaceFTW . They both climb on the ramp and Magnus enters the ring. @FailFaceFTW walks around the side and grabs a microphone and hands it to Magnus after entering the ring *

    Justin Magnus: So I was at home, thinking about my upcoming Tag Team Title #1 Contender's Match coming up soon, and then I had an epiphany about my legacy that's soon to shake IWT to its core. I don't want to stick around and wait for matches to come to me while sticking with an ignorant jobber for a partner. So I thought, why not issue an open challenge to everyone in the back and see who's got the set of balls to actually face me. So lets cut this short, someone get the hell out here and face me!