Storyline Justin Magnus reports from Las Vegas, Nevada

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  1. * The lights dim *

    * The crowd expects Justin Magnus, but no one comes out. After a couple minutes, the lights go out and the titantron shows Justin Magnus and @FailFaceFTW on the roof of what looks to be a casino, wearing suits and sitting in lawn chairs *

    Justin Magnus:Ladies and gentlemen, you might be asking yourself right now, where is FailFace and myself? Well, the answer to your question is none other than MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada! Sin City! That's right ladies and gentlemen, after I was told I was booked in a match with Reagan Cole for the #1 Contendership of the Tag Titles, I booked a flight to Las Vegas. Why, you might ask? Well, if you haven't been under a rock in the past couple weeks, you would know that I have an incompetent, maladroit, and down right idiotic fool for a "tag partner". I expected the loss, and so that's why I'm on the roof of MGM Grand of Las Vegas, chilling in a lawn chair.

    But in all reality, that has nothing to do with why I'm on the titantron right now. In fact, I think everyone's been waiting enough haven't they? The first order of business I have to say, is that I am no longer partners with the one they call "The British Kid". *cough* Reagan Cole *cough* I mean, if being apart of the Dudes with 'Tude wasn't enough, he cost us the match at Extreme Rules. And I think Joey Bryant was right, I am going to be better off on my own. I mean, I'm undefeated in singles matches as it is.

    * Magnus takes off his blazer, revealing a t-shirt with "IWT fears Justin Magnus" written on it *

    You see, now all I have to do is waltz into whatever division I please and conquer it. But who in the world do I even begin with? Sir Lee? Ah, Sir Lee, the pornstar turned U.K. politician who hangs onto his title by a thread through flukes, such as the one at Extreme Rules where his opponent didn't even show up! But then again, he isn't the first pornstar in Parliament, for all you ignorant fools in the crowd, google "Ilona Staller". Or maybe Nick? The one who gets off from beating up girls? And the IWT and World Championships? I'll leave those for later, keep those titles warm for me "The Church".

    What challenging divisions we have indeed! I just don't know where to start. But uh oh, both titles already have #1 Contenders? Aww, how depressing! I'll tell you what, maybe I'll just sit back and let them kill each other, they'll make my job easier. So whoever wants to throw out a challenge to keep me busy, go ahead. Maybe I'll catch the next flight out to come down and kick your sorry ass.

    I'll leave off with this, a man by the name of Franklin D. Roosevelt once said that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. And fear's name, is Justin Magnus.

    * The titantron goes black *
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