Storyline Justin Magnus speaks on his recent pairing in the random tag team draw

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  1. * An announcer stands in the ring, looking to interview someone. The lights dim *

    * Justin Magnus walks out in a suit along with his manager @FailFaceFTW also wearing a suit. He walks down the ramp and enters the ring along with him *

    Interviewer: Welcome Mr. Magnus, we've heard recently you entered a random draw to receive a tag team partner as apart of a new initiative to give life back to the tag team division. I believe the question on everyone's mind at this point is, how do you fell about your new tag team partner Reagan Cole?

    * @FailFaceFTW snatches the microphone while Magnus boots the Interviewer in the face, and then piledrives him into the mat. Magnus gets up and takes the mic *

    Justin Magnus: Wouldn't you think after last time that you damn well better just not introduce me only? Someone is standing next to me, and you don't even have the courtesy to introduce him with me. Now you see ladies and gentleman, this is an example of what society has become, demonstrating a lack of manners and a lack of just class. But as you already know, this isn't about the man standing next to me and it isn't about that man lying face down on the mat next to me. It's about the IWT tag team divison.

    Creating a legacy in a wrestling business takes more than just some flukes and title wins, it takes multiple wins and multiple titles that you work your ass off for. But to work your ass off to achieve something, you start at the grass roots and grow your way up. My legacy will not consist of flukes and cheap shots, it will not consist of kissing ass to start at the top, it will start at the very bottom. I despise the very thought of having to rely on someone to "help" me win a match. But building a legacy takes wins and titles from all over the divisions, and I count the tag team division of this company as being at the lowest point. Lets face it, it's run by some emo paper champions who claim that "darkness is upon the tag team division". If you guys are so "dark" as you claim, why do you wear hoodies that look like you got them from the discount store and pasted some paper letters on them? Personally I think I might be afraid to face them now, I might get some disgusting shit on my suit.

    Now as for my partner, Reagan Cole, he's a fluke just like everyone else trying to make a name in this division. I don't need anyone by my side to win the Tag Team Championships. I could literally waltz to the ring and beat "The Order" with no vision and both hands tied behind my back. They both look like a dropkick to the face would knock them senseless for 3 hours. So lets make this very clear, my legacy will start with the Tag Team Championships, and hell, I'll run a record reign for old times sake, the division will be known as where Justin Magnus got his start.

    So as long as you wear those discount hoodies and waltz around with your "good" wrestling skills The Order, know this, your Tag Team Title reign is just a moment, but I am a walking legacy. Moments last a minute, legacies last forever. But while I'm at it, lets hear what my partner Reagan Cole has to say for himself. But I warn you, you offend me or you cost us a match, and I end your career with not 1, 2, or 5 con-chair-tos, but 20 of them.

    * Magnus tosses the microphone outside the ring *

    @The ReagMaster

  2. *Reagan comes out to a Chorus of Boos and slowly walks down to the ring looking at Magnus trying to figure out if he wants to be Paired with this and he picks up the Microphone Magnus threw as he Enters the Ring*
    Reagan: what is it with IWT pairing me with Newbies? first the bitch called Tyler Freeborn answered my Open Challenge now i'm getting paired with Justin Magnus,well normally i would refuse this pairing but since you have the Brilliant Mr.FailfaceFTW in your corner..
    *Reagan Turns to Failface and Nods to him as a Friendly Gesture before turning back to Magnus*
    Reagan: so you must have some skills so i will accept it oh and 20 Con-Chair-tos? that's cute....are you a Taller,less Aggressive Version of Aiden Ryan because i might be able to work with that.....
    *Cheers to the Mention of Aiden as Reagan face palms as he looks out at the Crowd*
    Reagan: no Cheering please,Cheering is only for the Pathetic
    *The Crowd Boos as Reagan Mimics them before he Chuckles and turns to Magnus*
    Reagan: anyways The Order, elaborating on my Partners point anyone could beat you with "No Vision and Both Hands Tied behind my back" well except the Rapping Assholes who are the Dazzling Chavs
    *The Crowd goes to Cheer but Reagan Silences them before continues*
    Reagan: but only one team Can and will Destroy you....Trip....Marcus......and that Team will be Reagan Cole and Justin Magnus.....and we will be the NEXT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!
    *Reagan does the Title Taunt before Mouthing to Magnus "yes,i am going to ignore the fact that you called me a Fluke" before getting on the Turn Buckle and Points at the Camera*