Storyline Justin Magnus speaks on his recent participation in MITB

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  1. * The lights dim *

    * Justin Magnus walks out wearing a jet black hoodie and navy blue jeans, carrying a microphone. He stops on the top of the ramp and scans the crowd. Afterwards, he walks down the ramp and rolls into the ring. He then brings the microphone to his lips to begin talking... *

    "I know what every single person in this arena is thinking right now. I'm coming out to bitch and moan about how I wasn't the one who won MITB. However, let me be the first to say that I didn't plan on doing that. Yea, I'll admit that I got cocky towards the end and paid for it with my chances. Surprisingly however, that doesn't happen to be why I came out here..."

    "While I was in my locker room after the match changing, I saw Aiden Ryan with Alex Riley doing an interview. And I just happened to catch the end of that interview, that being 'I'm going to find Justin Magnus now.' Now if you haven't noticed, my manager isn't out here right now. The reason for that is that I have no idea what is going on inside of Aiden's lunatic mind right now. So Aiden, I'm right here, what do you want?"

    * Magnus drops the microphone *
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  2. Aiden Ryan is shown on the rampway in his streetwear, acid jeans, worn out chuck taylors and an IWT singlet that is looser then Amanda Byne's vagina.

    "Oh Justin, I think there was a tad bit of a misheard wording here, you see I wasn't the one on the look for you, Alex Riley was. And rightfully so I mean you must be feeling pretty shitty after being eliminated in the ladder match, eh, eh? Me on the other hand? I'm perfectly fine. But you see my dear lurker... you fit the description of what I have been preaching this whole time. It's people like you that make me sick to the core, I don't need to have a "Manger" to hold my hand and I don't need a slap on the ass to be told to call someone out, I don't need to fall into the depth's of socialism and I damn as well do not need some flash in the pan question what is going on in my head."

    Aiden Enters into the ring via the middle rope.

    "But seeing as you are so curious as to what I want, Santa. I would like this entire industry to stop pretending that we call fit into this thing called "Entertainment." where we hold eachother's hands and skip around the ring preaching "THIS IS MY TAG PARTNER! ISN"T HE SO PRETTY!?" acitng like a bunch of teenage girls on crack, the fact of the matter is we are here to wrestle and if we are not teaming with one another then there is no reason for us to have our hand held by someone who is only going to use you for their benefit. for their best interest for their ego that will be inflamed.

    So why don't I start by saying what I was going to do in my interview, Why don't I start by making you the first example of what is to come?"

    Aiden Lowers his microphone with a sadistic smirk, his teeth showing through the gap of his lips and his arm swaying back and forth as he awaits a response.
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  3. * Magnus nears towards Ryan and snatches his microphone. He then backs towards a turnbuckle and leans back as he begins to speak... *

    "I apologize for the mistake on my part, but it seems however that you didn't have a problem coming out here. And it seems you're challenging me to a match..."

    * Magnus takes off his hoodie... *

    "Well, it seems that the ass beating that I handed at MITB didn't have an effect. I have no problem nailing the proverbial final nail in the coffin."

    * Magnus tosses the microphone out of the ring... *

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  4. As Magnus microphone drops the right side of the arena begins to erupt with a thunderous cheer
    "It looks like we're about to see who really came third place in that match!"
    The commentators enthuse as Aiden drops his microphone by his foot causing the left side of the arena to erupt with an equal roar. "This Is Awesome"
    Chants begin to fill the arena as Aiden backs up into a corner and removes his singlet, chucking it over the top rope he then slowly bends down and rests his palms on his knee caps, giving Justin a slight smile in satisfaction of the accepted challenge. ​