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  1. *Jwab slowly walks to the ring with David not that far behind. David is hesitant of coming to the ring with Jwab. Jwab looks back and yells at him to hurry up. The crowd is chanting "Joey Bryant", "Where is Kyle", and "Xanth is fat". *

    *Commentators talk about the tough week that Jwab has had. Losing in his match back to the Dazzling Chavs. Officially losing his first match in the IWT. Not being able to get God in the ring because of the assault by The Order. They also talk about the reports in the increasing anger Jwab has been expressing backstage by destroying shit in the Locker Room, beating down a camera man, and more*

    *Jwab gets into the ring and immediately grabs a mic. Official also goes to give David a mic but Jwab smacks the mic out of the officials hand and tosses him out of the ring. Jwab looks at David and David seems very surprised at the actions of Jwab lately*

    *Jwab begins to speak*

    I want to give you all a little update on my career. It first started with a bunch of jobbers. People that never tried til I brought in some guys that are higher in the "IWT Food Chain" like Aids and one that wasn't very high in the IWT Food Chain but high in every other company that wasn't IWT, George. It even started with some people that never showed up in the IWT unless I dragged them out here on a leash. I had these people set up with opportunities. People like Trevor.

    *Crowd has no reaction except for a group of MP Fags who mark out. Jwab notices them and gets up on the turnbuckle and points at them*

    I used to be like you faggots up there. Key word. Used! But I've learned to move on just like some other names I will talk about. I've learned to move on to bigger and better things. I moved onwards in the IWT!

    *Crowd kinda cheer but they kinda don't due to the fact that Jwab is amazingly good looking and his "villainous" actions*

    IWT has always treated me right. Well, not IWT. But the people that are very important in the offices of IWT. People that provided me with an opportunity at the Tag Titles not just once but twice. The first time, I had it in the bag. I won the Tag Titles quicker than that one Daniel Bryan match at Wrestlemania 28. It was also against Adam and Jacob Colton. The two biggest jobbers in IWT that still think they actually mean something. I mean... it's pretty sad that IWT Creative tells the new guys "If you want a win, face Unknown or Jacob!" But I got to give one of them some credit. Adam. I'm still surprised Adam is still here. Doing who knows what. But.... Jacob. Where is he? Oh, that's right. He's been stealing from The "Old" Cure's playbook. Distracting referees at their finest. Good ol' times. But he does a pretty terrible job at what he does. He let himself got caught. Did The Cure get caught? Nah. Only suspicions. You make rookie mistakes, Jacob. But another thing about that is.... I would have thought you were cool a year ago if you did something like this. But you're not. I used to like people that would cheat and try their best to bring down the system. Hell, I was one of those people. But that's what always made The Cure so great. We told you what we were going to do. *looks at David* And we did it. It didn't matter if we tweaked a few things here and there. We got what we wanted... when we wanted. They say "Take no prisoners!" We took prisoners! We took those prisoners and made them into our own. But, that leads me to the most asked question that fans ask me at Autograph Signings. "Why aren't you like The Old Cure?" The fact is. The Cure is different. We aren't the "Old Cure". We are "God's Cure". The Cure used to be a bunch of inappropriate, irresponsible, disrespectful pack of hoodlums. Now, we're all grown up. But there is only two of us right now. Plus God. Now take a look at the new & improved Cure. God's Cure. We got THE MAN WHO CREATED TALENT, GOD!!!! And the former and longest reigning X-Division Champ, David. And of course me! How much better could we get?

    *Gives a friendly slap to David on the chest but his smile quickly disappears*


    *Crowd starts chanting "You failed!" x3. They can see the temper of Jwab rising as he starts kicking the bottom turnbuckle and turns around towards David*

    We failed to bring back the Tag Titles back to Jersey. We failed to get God back into that damn ring. We have lots to learn! But, David, you have much more to learn that me obviously! If I was entered into that Rumble. I would of actually got shit done. I wouldn't have let The Order try and push me around. I wouldn't have let Dazzle even get three eliminations. Hell, I would have probably walked out of the Rumble with the most eliminations ever. But before your personal feelings get into the way. Just think about this. We both need some improvement, it's not all just you. So there is no giving up for us.

    *places one hand on David's shoulder and smiles*

    It's the both of us. But, it's only just us. Not God. God doesn't make mistakes. Look at me, I'm living proof.

    *Takes hand off of David's shoulder and smirks at the camera, knowing God is watching*

    Now, I've been informed on my next objective. Bring a title to the turf of Jersey. But I don't want to bring any title. I want to bring the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP to The Cure! That means everyone who is stepping into that Chamber is a target. But most of all, Christian. Christian is by far the biggest target on this list. He's #1 Most Wanted as far as I'm considered. Now, I think me and Christian should have a talk. Possibly, on the Peep Show in the near future. Since he'll only have one threat to think about. He better get to knowing that threat. His only threat.

    *smiles at the camera*


    OOC - I was gonna talk about each individual member of Ze Old Cure but I'll save that for a future promo.​
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  5. Should I make a promo, right now, HERE... IN IWT?!
    *crowd cheers
  6. *Jwab stands in the ring with a surprised face when Christian's music hits. Crowd goes insane*
  7. I didn't come out yet. goddamn jobber.
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  8. OOC: ;'( edited mah post.

  9. - Christian walks out in street clothing without his World Heavyweight Champion

    Christian: Hey... it's Jwab, right? I was back there and I was watching some old footage of myself. And I thought, "Damn do I look good!"
    So, I left it in the locker room if you'd like to watch it? I kind of want to go back to watching it, but the bookers told me that you called me out. So, what did I miss?
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  10. *Jwab makes David leave the ring. David goes and sits next to the commentators. Jwab points at Punk and begins to speak*

    You missed me talking about how I'm going to win the World Heavyweight Title that you obviously don't give two shits about at the Elimination Chamber. And -

    OOC - Left room for you to cut me off or some shit.​
  11. Christian: WAIT! You called me out to tell me that you're going to take my World Heavyweight Champion off me?

    Hey, tech guy in the back. Play that one song that I listen to. Yeah, you know the one.

    - Christian starts waving his hands in a Drake-esque way

    Christian: Drake hands! Drake hands!

    Christian: Alright, you can stop the music now.
    Listen, Jwab... I gotta tell you, loads of people want this championship. They really do. And I ain't got no time for a mid-carder. I'm a main event playa and I play with the big dogs. And you know what? No big dog stepped up to the challenge. So that's why, I am announcing that there will be NO Elimination Chamber match for the World Heavyweight Champion. Sorry folks.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a tape to watch.

    - Christian makes his way to exit
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  12. *Jwab becomes very frustrated and starts to yell at Christian*

    DON'T YOU TURN YOUR BACK ON ME! LET'S BE HONEST. NO ONE HAS CARED ABOUT THAT TITLE UNTIL TONIGHT. NO ONE WANTS THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP. THEY ALL WANT THE IWT CHAMPIONSHIP! You wanna know why? Because the credibility of the WHC is focused all on you. Sadly, someone the IWT Universe could give two shits about. I can make the WHC mean something again. Not just me, but I can save the WHC championship from disappearing in 2 months due to the lack of focus you give it! Give me one shot. You don't want an Elimination Chamber match at The Elimination Chamber PPV?! How about this! JWAB vs. CHRISTIAN for the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

    *Crowd pops*​
  13. *Christian thinks for a good 20 seconds

    Christian: Nnnooo.

    I already told you. I only face... main event playas.

    - Christian walks to the back as the crowd boos

    OOC: We'll continue this in another segment
  14. *Jwab flips out. He runs out of the ring and grabs a steel chair. He notices Xanth's fat ass in the front row marking out. He goes to hit Xanth with the chair but the chair bounces off and hits Jwab. Jwab gets even more angry and starts hitting the steel steps with the chair and throws the chair at the crowd and it ends up hitting a MP fag. He also starts hitting elbow drops on the steel steps. David tries to calm him down but he pushes David away and storms up the entrance in anger*

    OOC - Ok, Brosario Dawson.​
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  15. OOC: one of the better promos i have seen yet! keep up the good work, man!
  16. OOC these songs are identical.
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