Storyline Jwab's Birthday Bash

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  1. *The ring is set up with birthday decorations. There are a pile of presents in each corner of the ring. There is a table set up with one present that looks big enough to hold a title belt. Jwab is in the ring with a bluetooth mic in his ear. Really hard to notice. He's smiling and shaking hands while his Protectors Of The Universe co-stars go sit in seats alongside the outside of the ring. Including former IWT Superstar, Farooq and Jwab's close friend, Dwayne Johnson. Jwab goes to talk before presenting a montage of people saying happy birthday to Jwab on the titantron. The last picture features Jwab's Twitter handle, feel free to follow. He shows it before talking*

    That is Carson btw ^

    *Jwab sheds a tear before going to talk*

    That man.... is why I do this. If you did not know, I am the man that got Carson hired. He worked at a junket for the first movie I ever filmed, and he was just the nicest guy that couldn't find his big break. I gave him that big break when I brought him here.... to IWT. I gave the IWT Universe a gift when I brought in Carson and I've been giving IWT gifts ever since my return but today.... today is my day. Today is the day that I make one of the biggest changes to the IWT.

    On this table is a present, a present to every single one of you. I introduce to you the death of the X-Division. The death of the "Hardcore" colony. This is a start of something new and creative. A breath of fresh air that the IWT truly needs. I introduce to you.....

    *Opens up the present. It's the X-Division title but it looks different. The X seems to be like a minitron and has a vid of Jwab going at all times. It's pretty much playing his titantron on the X. Has his face as the mini-plates. Just looks amazing.*

    This is the new and improved, XTreme Championship! I know what you are thinking... does that mean the rules still apply? Yes, they do. It will still continue my defensive streak of three and zero. I will go four and zero against that.... jabroni, AJ Styles or whoever he is. After that, I will defend this title against whoever on Uprising and then.... you will all finally..... finally... witness the beginning of the Jwab era! Haha. I've been waiting forever the upcoming moment. Where my feet are planted on the top of the IWT Mountain but I think there is also something else that needs me....


    At Survivor Series, there is going to be a Team IWT versus Team FSW.... something that I think needs a certified winner. Someone that can make sure that IWT puts the final nail in FSW's coffin cause over in FSW... there is a doppleganger. Someone is pretending to be me and I hate it. So, I'm willing to throw my name in the hat for the team. As much as I'd like to see Alias take Trip's spot as GM cause he is an incompetent General Manager. But, his time will come to an end sooner or later and of course, he needs someone that can make him keeping his job.... happen. So, Trip, if you'd like to accept. Please do that cause if you don't..... I might as well go join Team FSW.

    But other than that, let's speak about that **** that I'm about to face at Sur------

    *Music hits*

    OOC - @Ovalhead i'm bored nigga lets do this​
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  2. *Lee comes out sat on top of a wolf, "Britanica" chants boom through the arena. Lee has a wrapped object in his hand, it is small, square and thin. Lee gets off the wolf and walks down to the arena in a menacing way*

    Lee: Jwab, it's like you beg me to go AJ Syles on you, ya'know that? You over-celebrate just another day in the year that highlights your glorified existence and you use this 'momentous' occasion to BELITTLE me? Call me an intensely vulgar word that's use should in no situation be used casually?

    'Pal'. I'd smack you over the head with this present if it wouldn't hurt the level of trust people have towards me...So, I'll just give it to you?

    *Jwab eagerly opens it, he opens it to find a CD titled "Cyrus Wolfe- How Lee beat that bitch Jwab".


    *Lee grabs the CD and smashes it into Jwab's face, while Jwab's down, Lee snatches the belt and hits Jwab in the head with it knocking him down onto the floor laid out.*

    Interesting change....Way to make an a belt uglier than the bedazzled IC belt.....Either way, it's a good thing I'm XTREME!!!! Much more XTREME than you of course!

    At Survivor Series....YOU.WILL.NOT.SURVIVE with this belt being yours!!!

    *Lee picks up Jwab and hurls him into the nearest corner smashing the presents. He would repreat this process for the other three corners, Eventually Lee drags Jwab into the middle of the ring. He picks up the belt and drops it on Jwabs bruised head. Lee's music plays again as he walks out the ring and back up the ramp*