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    *Ben Song walks out onto the entrance ramp dressed in a crown and cape over his usual attire. He has a mic in his hand*
    Ben Song: Bonjour. First of all let me say big props to my number one Gareth Wolf, he helped me in my match on Sunday when no one else would. Oh and by the way sorry Reaper but I think I made Todd show his true colors... so you're welcome? I guess... anyway lets get to the main point
    *Ben walks down the ramp and rolls into the ring he smiles as the crowd start chanting "Ben Song Rocks" he then puts a more serious look on his face*
    Ben Song: K.O.W. have taken over the broadcasts so I can't get a word in edgeways. That is why I'm dressed like this, I didn't actually get an invite to K.O.W. so I decided to become an honorary member for my match against Bob the transgender. Anyway he didn't talk much so I won't talk much either. G'day.
    *Ben Song roles out of the ring after putting his crown on the turnbuckle, he drapes his cape over the steps and then walks backstage*
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    *Ben Song comes out from the backstage area with a mic*
    Ben Song: So I decided to re-watch Robert's stand up and he has the balls to call me... Nothing! Oh nah mate you've just woke something up inside of me. So watch out on Exodus cause after our match Lukey and The Amazing H aren't gonna be winning the world title when they beat you they're just gonna have bragging rights over you. But anyway stop acting like your God and realize you're the luckiest man in this company. After Lukey left, H started having to deal with Des and obviously me having to prove my own innocence by beating the ever-living shit out of two satanists you had no challengers. I mean JJ he's good don't get me wrong but I'm much better and I've learnt since our first meating so don't think that you're going to beat me and put me back down fighting for a chance to get that title of yours cause soon that title is going to be mine.
    *Ben Song throws the mic on the floor and walks backstage looking visibly pissed off*
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