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  1. That's him in the no.10 spot I harp on about every single week. He'll play on the left once RVP is back :(.
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  2. wouldn't something like KaGOATwa have worked better?
  3. You use the goat term too much.
  4. Also Chicharito > all.
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  5. Connor Wickham >>>>>>>>
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  6. GOAT reply
  7. 4/10
  8. He scored for us once how you feel about Shay?
  9. GOAT rating
  10. Leigh Griffiths >>>>>>>>>>>
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  11. Lets not compare gods to mere men. Leigh> life
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  12. The hoff is not amused.
  13. The Sunday Mail revealed that the player, formerly with Dundee, had fathered Rhys to Linzi in April last year and daughter Kacie to ex-girlfriend Vikki Burns just 11 days later.

    What a god.
  14. Should be a smiley.
  15. Or site banner.
  16. well this thread turned lame
  17. not as intelligent as you
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