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  1. Chris Kaizer comes out at :55 into the song. Kaizer comes out in a " Super Duper Ultra Double Relevant" t-shirt. Kaizer makes his way down to the ring.

    It's been quite a while since I have actually just come out here and just spoke, don't think it will happen very often. I have a lot on my plate, a European Title shot and a tag title shot. Impressive? I know. You know what else is impressive? The fact that I have beaten 2/3 of SIN. I beat a former World Champion in Andrew. Not to brag or anything...but uh...pretty damn impressive.

    My European title shot though, oh, how I love Lord Lee, he is a very loving man, a man who didn't ever go on a murderous rampage. No, he never ever did that. Lord Lee is very special type of man. He is the type of man you read about on TMZ and just go "ugh"...and then just go on the the Justin Bieber post. I respect Lee, he is very good business man, a very good eye for talent. But he sometimes has a bad choice of words, a few weeks ago, he said that I was the IWT's Adam Cole. Lee, do you know what happened to Adam Cole? He won a champion. And, if I am the IWT's Adam Cole, in a know, we sorta have a similar path.

    He also sometimes makes some really poor decisions. Like joining Unkown. He can try and twist it any way he wants to and try and make it look like a smart decision. But anyone knows that joining Unkown is basically, killing your career slowly enough to the point that when you finally die, no one will remember you, and you will die...unkown.

    People are most likely wondering about the t-shirt. I know, it was upgraded from Super Ultra Double Relevant, to Super Duper Ultra Double Relevant when me and Joey Bryant, finally agreed to terms and became a tag team. Joey Bryant adds duper to everything. Sometimes, even relevancy, hi Bruce Knight.


    Kaizer Slept

    Kaizer's theme kicks back on as he drops the mic and starts to walk to the back.
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  2. OOC: Nicely done, Bill. Good comedy and serious points.
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