Storyline Kaizer you are NOT forgotten!

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  1. * Lord Lee is hurriedly walking backstage, he is wearing a blue suit and navy pants as well as Ray-ban sun glasses with a blue tint. He had his IWT Euro belt around his right arm. He is stopped by a generic IWT interviewer.*

    Interviewer: You are yet to go in depth with any public comments regarding your Payback opponent Kaizer, when will you?

    *Lord Lee looks in the direction to the interviewer shaking his head, he takes off his ray bans and crushes them in his left hand and throws the shattered pieces to the floor*

    Lord Lee: Well.... If people want me to talk about Kaizer, every hipsters dream; sufficiently talented while sufficiently lacking in overall popularity, then sure let's discuss this kid.

    He drew against Dat Kid, held his own against Victoria and has been publicly endorsed by Aids and Danielson, all big players in the IWT, but at the end of the day, that doesn't phase me. I've had people having the audacity to say to me that I should be ready to drop the belt. If that was the case....Then what about Dazzle, Dolph's, Seabs and INAUGRAL HALL OF FAMER Senhor Perfect. These men all have high regards from the IWT Universe and ALL of them, I have defeated, so excuse me if Kaizer isn't worrying the most out of all my title matches.

    Don't you get it twisted with your manipulative biased media outlets, I am not trying yo bury him and say he has 0% of beating me, but I'm a confident dude and I've proven myself to some of the most prestigious people around.

    So although I know I'll win this, I promise the fans that Kaizer is good enough for this to be match you'll want to pay and see.

    *Lord Lee nods in appreciation at his own monologue.*

    Lord Lee: Thanks for the interview, I'm off to do something productive now.

    *Lord Lee strolls off with a smirk on his face.*
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  2. OOC- I never felt I was forgotten, I did feel like us building the match was.
  3. OOC: Well I've remembered Cocksuckah ;) reply or whatevz
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    An interviewer stops Kaizer as he dances down the hallway to Careless Whisper's saxophone.

    Interviewer: Chris Kaizer, I would like to ask for your opinions on Lord Lee's remarks about you?

    Kaizer: He said something about me? Mustn't of gotten that edition of 'Lord Lee: The Long Tale Of Long Promos: Edition 5' yet. But I am guessing it was along the lines of, "Oh, I am going to beat Kaizer, I am not really worried about him. I beat some overrated 90's star ripoff and another washed up overrated star. Kaizer and I are going to put on one hell of a show". Am I correct? I am aren't I? Okay, let me start off by saying this. Anything that Lee says is irrelevant, he hangs out with Donald Trump...or at least Trump's hair.

    Have I ever told you the story of a little boy, who thought he was the best around? No? Well here it is. There was once a boy, named Leia, don't ask question about the name, okay? Who grew up in the UK, he thought he was the best soccer player in town. He beat some of the best, and he grew a big ego. A bigger ego than Dat Sir From London. And then one day, a man by the name of Christine came along. He was set to face Leia. Leia thought she had it, that Christine was not to worry about. But Leia became so cocky, she underrated Christine. Christine came out, Leia got off to a large lead, but he let his guard down...and Christine came back, and dethroned, Leia. Christine became the champion. Leia learned a lesson, never ever underestimate your opponents. It will cost you, not a win, not a little bit of pride, but your gold.

    Lord Lee, IWT...

    Chris Kaizer starts to dance away again as Careless Whisper's saxophone fades in.
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