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  1. Before Midas's and Drake's match is about to begin, the titantron shows the backstage area and we see the backstage interviewer Carson.

    Carson: Joining at me at this time is... the World Heavyweight Champion, Christian!


    The camera pans onto the left side and we see Christian in his attire with his World Heavyweight Championship around his waist.

    Carson: Christian, your match is coming up soon against Chris Kaizer. Are you nervous at all that his momentum might get the best of you? What have you been doing the past few weeks preparing for this match?

    Christian: Am I nervous, what have I been doing for the past few weeks?! You're real good at your job, nice reporting, chump. You see, after RETIRING the legend that is Dat Kid!

    The arena starts boo'ing

    Christian: I thought to myself that there is nothing, and I mean NOTHING anyone can do to top what I've done! I didn't even worry about Chris Kaizer at all. I drove home that day and thought to myself, "What is left to accomplish in this company?"

    And it took a moment to sink in and nothing came to mind. Actually, something did, but that's a another story for another time. And after looking in the mirror a couple of times and asking myself if I wanted to keep doing this, the same answer popped up in front of me.

    So whether I win or lose, take your camera's out, mark this day on your calendars, because this might be the last time you see Christian for a while...

    Christian walks away as Carson looks on

    Carson: Ladies and Gentlemen, Chri-

    Carson gets pushed aside and Christian is back on the screen.

    Christian: Did you honestly believe that I would leave again? Did you honestly think that THIS would be the last you would see of me for a while? Pathetic! Chris, you might have a lot of momentum coming into this match, you might be sleeping in the back attempting to get into your zone or promoting Kaizer4GM for the 1000th time like it matters who's GM at this point!

    But that won't matter, because at the end of the day, nothing will change. You won't be the General Manager nor will you be the World Heavyweight Champion! And do you know why?

    Because you're facing the guy who revolutionized this company from the very beginning when it had just begun!
    You're facing the guy who has been the longest reigning World Heavyweight Champion in all of IWT!
    You're facing the guy who has been undefeated since 2014!

    Tonight... you face the Captain Charisma!
    Tonight... you face the Instant Classic!
    TONIGHT... you face...(Christian slaps on his WHC 3 times) the World Heavyweight Champion... Christian!

    Christian walks away and we resume to the next IWTMania match.

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    srry 4 shit hype up. it's either this or nothing.
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    No worries man. Something is better than nothing as of late tbh.
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