Storyline Kaizer's final message to Knight.

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  1. *Chris Kaizer is standing backstage with no other than, Matt Striker*

    Matt Striker: I'm Matt Striker, and I am here,wrestler,Jew,John Oates look a like, and the Internet Darling, Chris Kaizer. Now, Kaizer, you are facing Bruce Knight at the Slammys, after Bruce's win over Tyrone Martin's replacement, Barack Obama, do you think Knight has a..better c-
    Kaizer: Just stop right there, Matt. I already know what you were about to say, and to even think about that, should be against the law. Him having a better chance of winning this match because he beat Obama? I could beat Obama! Anyone besides Romney and McCain can. Now, I have no idea what Knight was doing in Philly. I don't know if he is fucking Parker, because I know if I was him, I wouldn't even get close. Do you know how bad it hurts when a crazy chick bites down? Hurts like a mofo, but back to the match. Bruce, just know, as long as I'm here, you won't go anywhere, since I can't call my self Triple K due to Dat Kid's feelings and our great World Champion already being like Triple H and burying Joey Bryant in every match they had. Yeah, have fun in the tag division Joey. Knight, just know when the time comes for our match, this is all you will do.

    *Kaizer throws Matt Striker through a wooden door.*

    Kaizer: Merry F'n Christmas.​

  2. Knight looks on from Backstage.
    Knight: I think you got the wrong way around Kaizer.....While I'm still here.....The Place you'll be going is the Unemployment Line.