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    The Cure @JwabTV & @D-D-David go through the curtains first, followed by Dat Kid who's all bandaged up from the assault at the Rumble from Sackfist. Kid walks gingerly (no pun intended Adam) to the ring. Flying faggot chants start in the crowd. Kid is about to go to the top rope, but he decides not to after he feels the pain in his ribs. The Cure opens the ropes for Kid as he goes through. He asks for a mic.

    The devil is alive! I was this close, THIS CLOSE, to winning The Royal Rumble and giving my spot to Joey Bryant. But within our alliance there was a traitor! Alias Antonio @THG? , better known as JUDAS! You and those pack of wolves lead by Santanica! @Britanica @Trip in the Head @TheArabHammer , I was dominating in the rumble! I was always on my feet, laying out the competition. They said B.Dazzle eliminated the most people last night, but I think they better do a recount!

    Alias, God's eyes are now on you and the moment you least expect it, God will strike down his anger upon you!

    Now, I made a promise. I said Joey Bryant would win the Rumble, but the powers of evil prevented that. Joey, I know you're back there with Frie tonight and I want you to know that you can still main event Wrestlemania. Our battle is not yet over, so I hope you did not lose your faith in God Joey.

    Joey, I need you to come out here and tell me that you still believe in me
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  2. *The titantron turns on with a feed from a dark room. Trip in the Head comes up from the bottom of the screen and smiles at Dat Kid and the Cure in the ring*
    TRIP: You!? You were close to winning the Rumble!? Bwahahahahaha! Thats the funniest thing I've heard since Aids thought he would get his family back alive, hahahahahaha. *Trip doubles over he is laughing so hard. He eventually regains his composure and stands up straight again* Your "flock" had to save you from being eliminated, but the Order wasn't about to let that happen. When we saw our oppurtunity to drag you down into the hell of loss you're so used to, we took it. You refer to Alias as a Judas, but to us he was just an uncertainty. We do believe he belongs with us in the Order, but there he stood in the ring before the Rumble with you and your damned flock. But you abandoned him when he needed you most in the Rumble and we accepted him with open arms. Well, open wounds at least, hahahaha. If you want to call someone a Judas maybe you should look in the mirror Dat God-damn Loser. Perhaps Alias would've returned to running wih his old pals in your new "flock" had you not left him to the preverbial wolves. *Trip pauses for a second* All this talk of flocks is giving me a hankering for some lamb chops. *Trip licks his lips* Hey, anymore members of the flock you want to sacrifice like useless lambs? The big bad wolves will be waiting, hahahahaha! *Trip leans in close to the camera* In time it will be God that weeps you simpleton, not his illigitimate child.

    *Trip sinks back down past the bottom of the titantron*
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    Left this open in case anymore of the Order want to post a response. I'm sure THG must have SOMETHING to say lol
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  3. *The lights in the arena momentarily go out, causing the crowd to mark out. When they come back on, Alias can be seen stood in the ring, opposite The Cure and Dat Kid, with a glooming smirk on his face, with his newly won X-Division title resting on his shoulder. He points at David and Jwab*

    Before any of you two incompetent cocksuckers even attempt to lay a hand of me, I need to get a point across.

    *Alias scratches his head*

    So I heard you've been making claims and allegations accusing myself, IWT's NEW X-Division champion, of being a.......traitor? A judas? I hate to be the bearer of bad news to your utopian world, but the only traitor that competed in the Rumble match.......was you Dat Kid! *Mixed crowd reaction*

    You sat there, with your tail between your legs, not living up to your word of having my back during the Rumble match. You are the traitor, and a big pathetic coward for that matter. All of your disciples failed in that Rumble because they were being lead by the biggest failure of them all, you Dat Kid. You can't beat FTJ, you can't beat Chris Kaizer, you can't beat Britanica, and you sure as hell know, that you can't beat me.

    You may be God, but I am Satan incarnate. And in the long run......Satan prevails.

    Satan wept.

    *Alias glares at Dat Kid before pacing violently*
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  4. OOC: Will reply when given the chance. In a couple hours.
  5. *The lights all of a sudden show a green color on the stage. New music begins to play.*

    *At the 30 second mark, Joey Bryant walks out onto the stage to a huge pop. He has his head down but looks up and screams to the fans as a taunt. He storms down to the ramp, clearly in a bad mood with the look on his face. He rolls in the ring and screams for someone to hand him a mic. His music fades and but the crowd continues cheering. He holds up his hand to silent them as he looks at no one in the ring, just at the ground.*

    "Dat Kid I have not lost faith. Let me break it down for everyone real quick. It's my fault... Dat Kid shouldn't be blaming himself. I got unlucky with my number, I ended up being eliminated by a joke and screwed up the plans. That's on me. See since I lost my shots at the world title when people kinda talk about me and they kind of imply that that I'm some sort of young punk that hasn't paid his dues, it's nonsense.I was sided with a bunch of horrible characters before I got my chance to show who I am. "Let's have him be an underdog babyface, that always works" Got nowhere. Then pretended like I was in the Cure and acted like a psycho, well look how well it works for Victoria Parker it must work for Joey! Nah. And then you know I decided to stick with Frie after my failures. My mind just said "Well you know you're pissed off, he's pissed off, figured that you and him can be pissed off together." And then we ended pissing everybody off because they thought Frie was holding me down, including Dat Kid. When we got to the end of 2013 I finally started to show everyone that I was... well a main event player. Got approached my Dat Kid, that was a definite wake up call for me. Knowing that veterans like him were finally taking notice in me made me realize "Ya know, it's time to start showing who I am again." Then I got people, I mean people as in WRESTLERS, calling me out backstage. Saying I don't live up to the hype, the rumble proved what a punk I am, I don't deserve to be back in the main event picture. I'll show them wrong... bet your asses on that."

    *The crowd begins to chant "Joey Bryant! Joey Bryant!" just like they were all throughout the rumble. He finally picks up his head and begins to point at the fans and pace.*

    "Just like they are now, The crowd was chanting for ME at the end of the match. All credit to Dazzle, but I am who the people want to see main eventing wrestlemania, I am THE MARTYR. Bruce Knight is going to choke before he even begins and you know what, I'll be right behind him to take his spot. Sorry boys but David and Jwab fucked up. We had Kid, I was screwed earlier in the match by Jobber Colton so my only goal was to send Kid to Wrestlemania. Of course, The Order decided to stick their nose where it doesn't belong along with a former ally Alias Antonio. Man, Antonio brother, I liked you. A lot. Still remind me of a rip-off Joey Bryant. But what you did, you costed Kid the match, that's not going to go unnoticed. You won't hold that title very long. I stole that match. The crowd was chanting my name from the moment I went out there to the moment the rumble ended, these people want me. Dat Kid, GOD, wants me, even our Co-General Manager wants me. Future of this company, it's what I am and always will be. David says he beat me, yet does he not remember it was a fatal four way match back for that X-Division title? Does he not remember I was a new rookie, just barely dipping my feet in the water? David, sonny, to make this little thing work you can't be taking low blows at me like that or I'll drop you straight on your ass and I promise you won't get back up. I've been waiting to do it for a while so I won't be hesitant."

    *The crowd continues to cheer for him and he looks at all the men.*

    "It goes all the way back to my tournament match with Nick. One of my closing statements was "Joey Bryant will not rest until he is at the top of this company." Somewhere along the road here, I got taken off path. Whether it was the multiple losses or I just gave up it doesn't matter because Dat Kid has sent me back down the correct path. That road started with the Rumble, unfortunately for us, plans don't always work out. I made my little return to competition when I faced Aids for the world title, in Buffalo NY. The reception blew me away, hometown or not, it blew me away. Win or lose I knew that was my day to say to anyone who doubted me "Hey you know, screw you. I'm something." The alliance was formed, I wasn't so interested in the part that Adam was trying to form some group, it was the fact that there were actual guys that believed in me and I wasn't alone. It took me a while to realize the reality of the situation was not that they believed in me, but they were scared of me. Coming back to my last championship match, while Aids was walking around celebrating, I was there. Sitting on the apron. Disappointed. That's when I said "I don't want to feel this feeling ever again." There was one person here who saw it in me from day one... Dat Kid. And then it was when I saw everyone beating down on Kid before the rumble I suddenly realized it was right there in front of me. I said "I'm your guy, I'm THE guy." This partnership will last for months... and there's nothing that anybody... is gonna do about it."

    *He drops his mic and backs up into the corner and finally catches his breath as the crowd cheers.*
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  6. Dat Kid observes the crowd cheering for Joey Bryant for a moment and it makes him proud. Kid then puts his hand on Joey's shoulder and gives him an approving nod. He then raises his mic and walks over to Alias.

    Everything you're saying, is a lie and it's not even believable. From the get go, I let you, and all these people know we were in the rumble for one man and one man only, It's the man standing in the corner right there. The man that these people are cheering for right now.

    Joey Bryant chants echo in the arena

    Even with that spectacular performance you put on in the X-Division Championship match, I have yet to hear anyone saying a thing about you. In fact, nobody even mentioned you winning the X-Division title And that eats at you, doesn't it Alias. Taking second seat to men who lose at the Royal Rumble. With all you hard work and effort, no matter what you do, no matter who you face, whether it be pre show or main event, you will always be an afterthought. So you surround yourselves with a pack of wolves that'll praise you, but at the end of the day you know they are exactly that, a mangey pack of dogs. It's why you opted to siding with us at The Royal Rumble. Am I wrong? Tell me I'm wrong Alias.

    Dat Kid walks over behind The Cure, placing his arms around them.

    The deal was, you watch our back, we watch yours and I watched your back Alias. I watched your back as you pinned David for the X-Division Championship. I watched your back when you held the championship over God's disciples. I watched every moment of your betrayal...

    And then I watched you get thrown over the top rope. Then I watched the look on your face when you stared up at God from the ring side and said "Why God? Why?". Now I'm watching you with hate in your heart because you can't understand the reason why I chose to watch instead of help. The reason is right around your waste Alias. You betrayed us before the match even started.

    Kid walks away from The Cure and heads back to Alias

    So you come here worshipping Satan out of anger, when you should be thanking me for not choosing to eliminate you myself. I'll tell you what you can do now Alias. You can fulfill the promise you broke to God last night and you can watch my back as I turn it on you.

    Dat Kid turns around and raises his hands in the air, looking up at the ceiling. The Cure looks ready to attack Alias if he tries anything
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  7. *Alias takes a deep breath and abruptly elevates the microphone against his mouth*

    You're wrong, Dat Kid, you're fucking wrong.

    *Alias drops the mic, looks at The Cure, Joey and Frie with a spiteful expression. Suddenly, he howls and gives the finger to Joey, before running across the ring to attack Dat Kid*
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  8. "STOP IT!"

    *Britanica suddenly appears on the titantron and seems to be angry*

    "What are you? A bunch of fools!? Fighting over nothing and for what? What can be gained from any of this? Dat Kid calling me Satan is laughable. If I am Satan, that surely can't make you God, Jabri. Just a piss poor excuse of a false and weakly prophet. The Night is called the wild, flea ridden dogs... Yet there you are, Jabri... In the ring... Bouncing around and taunting like an animal in a cage. I surely doubt you would be running your mouth with out someone behind you to fight your battles for you. *Britanica smerks* Don't think you got away with anything here... I may not always remember to show... But my target never gets lost. *Britanica laughs as the crowd starts chanting "Save Us! Save Us!"* Alias, you are better than this. You are above the likes of them people. *Britanica spits to the side of the camera, wiping her mouth with an evil grin* You will all see... You will come to know the Order of Night. And you... Jabri... Will be at our feet, begging for mercy like the coward you truly are. The only one weeping will be you."

    *Britanica steps back from the camera into the shadows behind her and the video feed cuts out*
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  9. *Once Britanica fades away, Joey stares down Alias before he tries to attack again. He has a slight look of shock and confusion of the message on the titantron. The crowd still chants.*
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