Kelly Kelly calender sneak peak

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  1. Former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly revealed the following sneak peek at her upcoming 2014 Calender.


    Source: Pwmania

    To be honest, this is the best picture I've seen by her, and the only one I like. Not bad....for business.
  2. Expected her to be naked in every photo. Thumbs down.
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  3. I look at her differently knowing how slutty she is. I have that problem to be honest. Same applies to real life good looking girls; if I know their slutty history, then I don't really want anything to do with them.
  4. Still would
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  5. Oh get off your intoxicated equestrian.
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  6. Said it before, but damn, she looks so much better without the blonde hair. Would bang, don't care how many dicks have been inside her.
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  7. I would be more worried about how many STD's are currently inside her.
  8. STD's are just souvenirs, in my eyes.
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  9. Crayo, just went through that today. Women can be relentless sluts, but, somehow know how to cover it up with appearance.
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  10. I don't ride horses.
  11. Likely story
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  12. Save a horse, ride a Cray-dog?
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  13. Bu-but... You're a slut muffin. :why:
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  14. A slut cupcake actually.
  15. :tough:

    Cupcakes are too sweet to be sluts. I'll accept skanky cupcake.
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