Kevin Love finally traded to Cleveland

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. 5 year resigning after that allegedly.
  2. Wiggins will be a better player than Love. Dumb trade.
  3. dat Canadian bias
  4. Senhor Perfect Lets others sit down first in musical chairs.
  5. Senhor Perfect told Victoria's secret
  6. You'll see!!! You'll all see!!!!! :annoyed:
  7. Senhor Perfect chose Bulbasaur as his starting pokemon.
  8. I would never. A gentleman never kisses and tells.
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  9. Senhor Perfect favorite Ninja Turtle is Leonardo
  10. He was the most advantageous to beat Brock's gym. :true:
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  12. Senhor Perfect returns his VHS tapes early so other people can enjoy them, and rewinds.
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  13. Senhor Perfect is so nice he gives back the extra doughnut in a bakers dozen
  14. Be kind, rewind. A motto I always followed. :boss:
  15. One mustn't be too gluttonous.
  16. Senhor does sit ups in sets of 9
  17. Senhor Perfect sits in the seat next to you in an empty theatre
  18. Senhor Perfect knows why the caged bird sings.