Kevin Nash Talks His Last WWE Run, CM Punk, WWE vs. TNA, HOF

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  2. Interesting read. If Nash could find that last one guy to put over I think I would welcome it even if I had to see him wrestle again. Would like to see him as a backstage authority figure or something. Or a GM.
  3. Still bummed Punk/Nash never happened. Because I was actually enjoying the build to that.
  4. Nash putting one last guy over would be cool, as long as he's not in the ring in more than one occasion.

  5. I think it got cancelled cuz Nash couldn't wrestle well anymore.
  6. It was cancelled because Nash was getting of some medication after a surgery that heightened blood values. With the right guy I think Nash could go one last good match. Like he said Punk would be able to.
  7. He was on blood medication.
  8. Go away Nash.
  9. [​IMG]
  10. Don't mess with Kevin "The Money" Nash aka Big Lazy, he has these badass mugshots :dawg:


    Also, that mugshot happened when someone was joking about his age and his style like this:



    On that note, he's :bury: 's buddy, so he's able to pull the strings in burrying your favorite WWE superstar if you ever fuck with him!