Survivor Series Kevin Owens vs Ambrose?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Neptune, Oct 28, 2015.

  1. I was reading about this being a possible route and I think it would be a good match-up and would make for a good survivor series match in general. This would be a good way to put him back in the spot light where he should be. Most fans agree he is entertaining. I am not a HUGE fan of his but I think he deserves a good feud.
  2. If Y2J/Ambrose feud doesn't happen, then I could see this happening. It'd be an entertaining feud.
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  3. I really hope this happens. Owens and Ambrose are 2 of the best on the roster right now and WWE needs to be booking matches like that.
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  4. If Smackdown was any indication he'll more than likely be apart of the Survivor Series tag match. He'd lose either way so it's pretty much w/e at this point.
  5. A lot of fans want to see that, but there's been no hints of it happening.. Ambrose needs something if he's done with the Wyatt's now, Kevin Owens would be a good option.
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  6. I reckon we should scratch KO vs Ambrose off the list for now.

    The way things are going, Ambrose will most likely be facing Reigns in the finals at SS.