Ring of Honor Kevin Steens final words in ROH

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  1. The journey is over.

    Tagging Steen faboys like @seabs and @Dolph'sZiggler so they can be all misty eyed and such
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  2. Where's he going? WWE?
  3. nothing confirmed yet. He's not through medical yet according to the Meltz. But he's going through the process
  4. was kind of hoping he would be like "I'm Kevin steen and you can all suck my dick peace"
  5. That Steen hasn't been around for a long time sadly. There has been glimpses of the mad man but he's been goofing a bit since he started getting serious about getting to the E. ROH has been the place he's been the most serious in since they have more say on what he does.

    In the ring he's still the mad man brawler. But his character is more "I'm Kevin Steen, I don't fear no man so fuck you I'm gonna make snow angels in the ring"
  6. Hell. Steen himself killed Kill Steen Kill.
  7. I liked the speech.
  8. Good riddance. I have been over Steen for a while now. He just isn't who he used to be. Maybe if he goes to WWE he will get back to the old him. Nothing to do but wait and see I suppose.
  9. He's definitely cleaned up the language for sure.
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