Kharma released as she is "difficult to work with" and weight issues.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 28, 2012.

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  2. How credible is the source? On a scale of Metzelder to 10. If true this is fucking ridiculous, she was fine in ring with her weight.
  3. Why does it really even matter? There's not much competition for her in the divas division anyway. I wouldn't have been surprised if they had her follow Chyna's path and had her start wrestling men.
  4. I also have to question the validity of this source. WWE has no problems displaying releases on their web site. If they haven't, I don't buy it.

  5. Video producer: "Hey Vince, when the Divas come out, we're dying out there! Beth and Layla are putting on a pretty good match, but this crowd is absolutely dead! We need something to wake this crowd up during the Divas' matches, pronto"

    Vince: "Lets release Kharma, so the fans won't just be sitting on their hands waiting for her music to hit!"
  6. And yet WWE still pushes Big Show to the moon..
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  7. I'm not sure whether they released her or not, but if they have I still think it's a stupid move.

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  9. It's most likely Kharma quitting. Not WWE releasing her.
  10. kharma was a giant
  11. And there goes the last hope for the divas division? :upset:
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    Job well done, WWE. Fuck you and your stereotypical asses.
  13. Vince is fucking stupid hes fired a potential talent that could of helped the divas division
  14. This news was released like a week before MITB... I thought you knew?

  15. why you so mean to me?!
  16. Terrible news! Kharma was the only diva who had something going. Every other diva rely on their looks and terrible wrestling skills.

    I think Vince had too many shots to the head.
  17. She would have been an awesome diva to align with The Ascention.
  18. oh god thats such a good idea! their gimmicks are perfect for eachother
  19. Could've used her giant as an mega heel who dominates everyone in the Divas ring. setup triple threat divas match at a ppv with Beth, Natayla, and Kharma and have Kharma lose some months later. If she was there, I'd be watching those matches.
  20. sue them for fat people discrimination!