Kid Kash Takes His Heel Heat To A New Level In.... Canada (DUH!)

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  1. From Ontario on Friday:

    LMFAO. Thoughts?
  2. Some bash him for this and say he should be fired and stuff, but he is getting an X Division Title shot on Thursday. :boss:
  3. "Kash beat Bischoff in a decent match and while Kash was booed, he still couldn't get people to cheer Bischoff."

  4. Also, this match was said to go over 20 mins of lenght. :laugh:

  5. ""kick Bret Hart's ass and break Owen Hart's neck."

    Lol Jesus.
  6. This is what we need, scumbag heels ftw so many people hate them.
  7. True, look at how much attention Punk's segment has from last night. It even makes smarks hate them.
  8. Kash and Punk - the new wrestling heels revolution!
  9. Some strong stuff there. Garrett still not getting cheered after Kash said that was pretty funny :lol1:
  10. One quote from elsewhere:

    "Mocks the dead. Still can't get Garett Bischoff over as a face." :vince:

    Btw, watch at 1:50:

    "I'm gonna get my knife, that's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna cut that little bitch!"

    Fucking great guy.
  11. An example for all of us
  12. Haha, couldn't stop laughing at 1:50.. :lol1:
  13. Kash is a freaking legend.
  14. He retweeted me today. :smug: :obama:

    So proud of myself. Go check @DavidKidKash
  15. Sounds reminiscent of the Dudleys in ECW who always used to go to far and antagonise the crowd!