Storyline Kid vs Artemis (Match & Post)

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    Artemis stands in the corner, staying agile on his feet, hands up. Kid stands on the opposite end, just staring him down until the bell rings. Kid stomps over to Artemis. Artemis puts his guard up, but Kid pushes Artemis up against the turnbuckle and starts wailing on Artemis. Most of the shots are blocked by Artemis. The ref tries to pull Kid off of Artemis, but he nails some very real and stiff shots to Artemis, who is now facing the ropes, getting his head as far from Kid as possible.

    The ref shoves Kid and puts a finger in his face. Artemis is cut open and it brings a smile to Kid's face. Artemis walks out of the ring and heads toward the back, the crowd boos. Kid goes chasing after Artemis, but Artemis spins around and nails Kid with a vicious clothesline that causes Kid to corkscrew right onto the steel ramp. Artemis takes a few shots of his own, but Kid kicks him away, and staggers away back to the ring.

    Kid goes to grab the top rope to head into the ring, but Artemis pulls Kid's leg hard, and he lands face first on the side of the apron to a hard thud! Kid holds his face as he crawls away, trying to go around the steel steps. Artemis walks by Kid, nudging him in the head with his foot. Kid ignores him as he round the corner and grabs the barricade. Artemis grabs Kid by the hair and tosses him right back into the ring. A trail of blood follows Kid, the ref puts on his gloves.

    Kid tugs on the leg of the ref. Two doctors go into the ring, one helps out Kid who refuses to show his face toward camera and the other at Artemis who is on the apron. The crowd boos and Artemis is getting restless on the arpon. Artemis pushes the medic out of the way and goes for Kid. He grabs Kid, but Kid spins around and spits black mist into the face of Artemis.

    Kid immediately runs to Artemis and hits Dat Kill From Jersey (Running Big Boot). Kid who's now shown his badly bloodied face goes for the pin.

    1...2..-kick out! Artemis kicks out!

    Kid nails Artemis in the head again, the ref pushes Kid away again to the boos of the crowd. The medics now have a chance to look at both competitors. You can hear fragments of a conversation where the medic says stop the match. Kid spits right in the medic's face. Meanwhile, Artemis is getting his cut tended to, but not as severe as Kid's.

    Kid walks away from the medic and ref, heading right out of the ring. The crowd is not happy at all. Artemis sits on the apron watches Kid go away. Artemis is patches up and also heads backstage until Kid comes back out with a staple gun in his hand. Artemis stops walking and Kid simply staples his gash sloppily, but it gets the job done. Artemis heads back to the ring and Kid follows.

    The ref and med team try to stop Kid. "I'll sue you!" Kid shouts at them before heading into the ring. He gets on the apron and is dragged over the top by Artemis. Kid lands on his feet, but takes a right hand from Artemis. Kid delivers one back. Artemis hits Kid across the chest that leaves a giant glowing red mark, staggering Kid. Artemis hits chop after chop after chop.

    Kid finally ducks a chop, causing Artemis to hit his hand hard on the turnbuckle. Kid grabs Artemis by the arm, wrenches it, and then dives out of the ring, landing on the floor, causing Artemis' arm to be hyperextended on the ring ropes. Artemis goes to the ground and screams in pain. Kid sits against the barricade, bloodied, bruised, and laughing.

    Kid gets up from the floor and makes his way over to Artemis, he rips Artemis' arm away from his grasp and stomps on it. Artemis rolls out of the ring, struggling to get to his feet. Kid richochets off the ropes and leaps to the lop rope and comes at Artemis with a Flying Kill From Jersey (Springboard Big Boot). Artemis grabs Kid out of mid air and T-Bone Suplexes Kid right through the announce table.

    Both men are laid out as the ref restarts his count, holy shit chants start.

    Around 6 Artemis gets up and starts to move to the ring.a crawling Dat Kid grabs him by the ankle before he can get in the ring. Artemis starts to pick Kid up, but then Kid pulls Artemis into the steel steps. The ref reaches 7. Kid gets up on the apron and crawls in, still once he's in.

    8...9...-Artemis slides in!

    Both men are still. Kid looks over to his right and see Artemis still in the ring. Artemis looks over at Kid and flips him off. Kid is foaming angry as he crawls to the corner and uses the ropes to get himself up. Kid yells at Artemis to get up. Artemis, smiling, gets to his feet, barely. It's just enough time for Kid to run at him with another Kill From Jersey- Artemis sweeps Kid's leg and while Kid is in mid air he slams his body to the mat! System Restore!

    Artemis goes for the cover!


    The ref is nowhere to be seen. Artemis looks to the outside and sees the ref knocked out. An instant replay shows when Artemis ducked for the sweep, Kid's big boot collided with the ref. Artemis scurries to the outside and drags the ref to the inside. Artemis, as quick as he can goes for the pin again.


    The ref is out. Artemis desperately tries to wake the ref. Sage comes out of the golden limo sitting out by the ring. She runs in, and nails him . She drags Kid over Artemis and waits by the apron. The ref crawls over to the cover.

    1.........2............3! The ref calls for the bell.

    Announcer: The winner of this match by pinfall, Dat Kid.

    Sage runs in the ring and helps Kid up.

    Where's my mic?!

    Sage hands Kid a mic as she brings him to the ropes.

    Artemis I want you to remember this beating. I want you to remember what happens when you step to God! When you spend the next 5 years in gutter division and you wonder why you can't get any further I want you to look back to this match and realize that THIS is the moment that fucked you over. And most importantly I want you to remember this because you will NEVER get a rematch from me.

    Dat Kid raises his hand in victory.

    I was going to hang you on the ropes, but visiting hours are almost up and I have to pay a very special visit to a Ms Ingrid Vines.

    Jesus Wept.

    Kid throws the mic at Artemis before limping out of the ring and back into the limo. The limo rides out of the arena as medical staff check on Artemis.

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