News King Mo Talks TNA Status and Future

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  1. We know you’re signed with TNA. When can we expect to see you get in the ring?
    "Well, I’m hoping this year. I’ve been doing this pro-wrestling school in Ohio Valley and people don’t understand how hard pro-wrestling and pro-wrestling school is. One practice would be anywhere between three to five hours getting slammed with hitting the ropes or something like that. The typical guy that’s a pro-wrestler in TNA or the WWE will spend six to ten years at the pro-wrestling school before you make it big. I’m on the accelerated route. I’m in wrestling matches for OVW and I’ll go back and wrestle more matches within the next few weeks."

    Do TNA obligations ever interfere with MMA obligations or training?
    "Nah, not right now. TNA knows that MMA comes first and they allow me to let that come first. In between camps, and here and there during camp, I’ll go to pro-wrestling school to do a few matches here and there."

    In the past, you’ve expressed interest in teaming up with Rampage. Has there been any talk of you joining the Main Event Mafia?
    "What! Nah, I’m going to do my whole thing. Maybe I’ll tag team partner with Rampage eventually, but I’ll do my own thing."

    Do you think you will continue with both sports or eventually choose one over the other?
    "My goal is when I’m done fighting to keep on doing pro-wrestling and having fun. After a while, I’d probably pick that."