Kayfabe King of the castle

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  1. *Ben Song walks into frame he is inside the Exodus building. He walks over to a nearby door and opens it*
    Ben Song: Drago!
    *Thomas Drago walks through the now opened door and looks at Ben Song
    Drago: Oh. Ben I didn't expect you to come so soon.
    Ben Song: Well what did you expect of me. I only show up on time Tom you should know this. Anyway shall we walk while we talk.
    Drago: W... We should let's get going.
    Ben Song: So Drago you're probably wondering why I decided to take a tour of the Exodus building aren't you?
    Drago: It is pretty strange how your first real visit around here would be you walking around a building.
    Ben Song: Well Drago there is a explanation for this. You see after I win at Feast or Fired I'll have the momentum to ride off of as to get myself a title shot, and once I'm champion I'm going to own this place and be the king of this castle. Though it will need some major upgrades.
    *Ben Song is led down a hallway by Drago eventually walking out of frame
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