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    Instead of having MITB in July how about we move MITB down to June and bring KOTR to July heres how it will work

    Set amount of the roster enters or maybe qualifications are needed,

    Round 1
    @Aids Johnson vs @The Dazzler -----Winner B.Dazzle
    Roadster vs @gav the chav -----Winner Gav The Chav
    @Senhor Perfect vs Johnny B. Cool----Winner JBC
    Reagan Cole vs VP----Winner VP
    @Crayo vs @Jonathan----Winner Crayo
    CM Punk vs @DK James (Joey Bryant)---- Winner Joey Bryant
    Farooq vs @Dat Kid------Winner Farooq
    Example #1 vs Example #2----Winner Example #2

    Quarter Finals
    B.dazzle vs Gav the Chav----Winner B.Dazzle
    JBC vs VP---Winner VP
    Crayo vs DK James---Winner Crayo
    Farooq vs Example #2-----Winner Farooq

    Semi Finals
    B.Dazzle vs VP----VP
    Crayo vs Farooq----Farooq

    Farooq vs VP----Winner VP

    Then at Summer Slam VP will face the IWT Champ! and the winner can be called the King/Queen of the ring!
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  2. You make recommendations for it when you are banned from it for 2 months. wew.
  3. 3 weeks and actually i will be back to IWT by July...5 MONTHS FROM NOW!
  4. I would honestly love to see this happen. But exclude people that are fucking title holders or main eventers! King Of The Ring should be used to push people up.
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  5. If you want to make suggestions for the IWT post them in the IWT section with the OOC prefix. As for the suggestion itself, I think it would be a cool concept to try out.
  6. I think it could work, but it would depend on the title pictures. Like remember last year, the IWT title tourney? I think we could actually have multiple tournaments, maybe one for a mid card belt and the other for an upper card belt.
  7. That sounds like a really fun way to build up newer rivals. not to mention IWT history making matches!
  8. It'd be solid but do it during a different month. I like the MITB event, do it during a shit one like NOC.
  9. What is the point of NoC anymore anyway? We already have all of the titles defended every PPV.
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    Not too shabby of an idea. Just don't remove MITB.
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  11. Ehhh, we could do it, but it sounds like it would go on for quite awhile with all those matches! I would think the first round matches would need to be done at an Uprising or just be dark matches.

    LOL that Jonathan is the only one who has voted NO so far.
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  12. i'm not supposed to do this but i need to clear up a few things

    i'm not saying get rid of MITB just move it down to June or something
    The first round can happen at MITB or in a week upcoming or at Uprising
    Only contenders can do the matches not Champions

  13. I say we have KOTR in September-October area
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  14. I agree with Nick, it would make most sense in thos emonths.
  15. [​IMG]

    My final message, Thanks for the support lets hope it happens, i'm suspended so i just want to get all the crap out of the way before a penalty!
  16. Why? King of the Ring PPV was in June, so do it then.
  17. If this did happen it would be between SummerSlam and Night of Champions, or Uprising and Survivor Series.
  18. Because MITB is a major event for us, and we want to build it up. Post-SS will probably be a down time, so KOTR would be great for then.

    Also, we should have a different name than KOTR.
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    but what about Uprising in the later part of June, Since it's based off a tournament we can treat as Uprsing but name it King of the Ring, what do you think of that?
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