King of the ring tourny style

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Danielson, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. I think we should have a tournament, and the winner becomes #1 contender for any title they so choose. What says you?
  2. I have suggest this, but no one got back to me. I think it would be good once the title unifications are over
  3. I feel a King of the Ring would be interesting and actually fun for the people involved.
  4. Same, we could even set up a tourny bracket, and have the first round one weekend, and then the next the following All leading up to a ppv or something.
  5. Start it now. Have the final of the tournament at Summerslam
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  6. I'm interested in that
  7. Im be down for it
  8. We already know who el Rey is .
  9. Britanica do your job, the people have spoken.
  10. Let me know who is going to be a part of it and how exactly this should go down.

    Jonathan any suggestions?
  11. Yeah, everybody knows the best is me, see you in the final!

    I'm in!
  12. IMO:

    -Good idea
    -Start once titles are unified


    I mean, shit idea, go away.
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  13. Well I guess we will wait until the titles are unified and i'll make a thead asking everyone who wants to be involved. ANYONE can be inovolved. At that point we will make a tournament bracket and post it in the forums. This is a great idea, i'm proud of myself.
  14. non-kayfabe: I think it would be better if we started now and space it out so that the final round is at Summerslam. That way as soon as we have an Unified World Champion we will also have the first contender.

    kayfabe: fuck you Jonathan, damn heel!
  15. It's going to be hard to space it out till Summerslam from here, isn't it?
  16. If we have it as a set date once a week. For example all day sunday will be the "tounament days" If you don't show up the other person wins and you have the 24 hours to promo and the following 24-48 hrs will be for voting. After that we can advance brackets and get ourselves ready for the next round ( next sunday) of matches.
  17. I mean after Payback. Have the first round. Semi finals after MITB. Then a little bit of build for the two competitors who are left going into Summerslam for the final
  18. After payback Jonathan you should make a sign-up thread and then we can find a site where we can get a bracket to get this started.