Knight After BFG

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  1. Knight is Backstage in his room as a camera captures the images of him through his open door. Knight doesn't notice the camera
    "I Nearly had him beat though....Without you're help. No, I refuse to listen to you. I proved that I don't need you or anyone to help me....I didn't need any of you're plans....I proved to everyone I'm capable of fending for myself. Your just in my head...."
    Knight Begins To Laugh
    "Your just my imagination, a cancer that is killing me from inside....Your a Plague in my mind.....Yet, I can't remove you. You drive me crazy and yet I must listen because you shout and scream yet you use my mouth to do the talking.....You have no body, No mouth....Yet you use me to scream....I'm going crazy just listening to you and I think....I Think it's time you left."
    Knight Goes out of few and a Mask is thrown across the room. Knight returns to the Camera's View but he still doesn't notice as he stomps, jumps and throws the Black Mask around. He Notice the Camera and goes to chase the Holder yet he goes back to the mask. The Camera man walks away after 5 minutes of this.
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