Storyline Knight chooses his Opponant.

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    Bruce Knight is standing backstage with a random interviewer, who isn't worthy of a name, ready to talk to Knight with his Microphone at the ready. Knight directs the camera onto him as the Interviewer talks to him.
    Interviewer: Mr.Knight, As you saw at Elimination Chamber, we have two new champions, Dat Kid with the World Heavyweight Championship and Joey Bryant with the IWT Championship. Which man will you face at Wrestlemania?

    Knight: Which one do I intend to face? Going into the Elimination Chamber PPV, I intended to face Aids Johnson at IWT Mania but his sudden loss at the Elimination Chamber match got me to rethink my decision...Whom shall I face? A delusional man who claims to be God or A Sane man who has finally gotten what he deserved? I think you know that Answer, Joey Bryant, I'm making this official...At IWT Mania, It will be Joey Bryant vs Bruce Knight. Joey, Everyone knows you deserved that title, you've become a bigger part of IWT but Joey, It won't matter to me about a potential short reign, I won't be lying down for you to start a credible title reign...I will be fighting you from the start of the match and until one of us is Pinned, Submits or can't continue, I will continue to fight you. Joey, I want to respect you as a Competitor, A strong one at that, But when your aligned to someone like Dat Kid and David Erro, It's hard for me to do that. You deserve better then those two useless men. The reality is that they're using you...Dat Kid became irrelevant until you joined him and David became a shadow of his former self when he lost the X-Division title...They needed someone bigger then them in popularity and respect to put them back on the map. Dat Kid is recognized for being the WHC now and David has yet to reclaim his gold but you saw how they kicked Jwab out of the Church. Think about it for a moment, Joey, Think about how that could be you if you were to go up against Dat Kid....and beat him one on one. Think this through, Joey...because by the time IWT Mania comes around, I want to be able to respect the man standing in that ring, I want to respect our champion and I want to face you as a man who needs no one to lead him.....I want to face the Real Joey Bryant, not the one that requires the Church and Dat Kid to lead him but the Joey Bryant that gained the respect he has today by fighting to the best of his ability. Joey, Be Prepared because at IWT Mania....I'm coming for you and your belt and the Church won't be helping you anytime soon.

    Knight Walks off as the Interviewer look on, briefing everyone on Knight's Message to Joey Bryant before Confirming that Knight is going after the IWT Title.
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  2. Dat Kid, sitting against the wall by the interview area hears the entire spiel by Forrest. He faces the direction Forrest is walking in, but keeps his eyes focused on the ground. He turns away sharply and kicks the World Heavyweight Championship down the hall as he starts to walk. He whistles "Bethoven's 5th" and it echoes through the hallways as he continues to distance himself from Forrest,
  3. OOC: Forrest vs. DK James in a..... STEEL CAGE MATCH. First person to 10 votes win. I'm just gonna have my guy do something....

    *Jwab watches the announcement and he isn't phased. He looks over as Billy Ray Cyrus runs down the hallway with the American Flag. He is confused at why that just happened. He goes to walk the other way and a beaten Buck 22 is crawling. He walks right over Buck 22. He talks to himself as he walks down the hallway kicking a rock down the hall*
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