Knight on the AMW United States Title Match

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  1. Knight is backstage with an Interviewer from AMW. The Interviewer tries to ask a question to him but Knight takes the microphone before he can.

    Knight: I know what you're going to say, Buddy.....Yes, I will be going into to this match with high spirits but right now, I'm only caring for my opponents. Adam Hawk wasn't much of a challenge....But seeing as you won you're last matches, maybe this Match can be the moment where I overcome the odds. Now lets see who I'm facing....Dat Kid, A Man who has Protection, a Body Guard....Something that won't help him. You pay these men to trust you....but what if someone payed them higher? What if one of them was to betray you? Would you kill them or would you let them leave? Dat Kid, No one can trust you....You're 'Bodyguards' only joined you in fright.

    The Interviewer has now left the area Knight is in as Knight continues.

    Knight: Next we have Marcus Anthony....A Man who had luck on his side. Men that take orders from women are often the weak, feeble minded fools such as your self. I don't have anyone else to talk about now because the last competitor, a model with no experience, has yet to compete but that tells how little faith management has in this 'Pretty Boy' if they're jobbing him out to 2 rejects and the Future of Wrestling, Bruce Knight.

    And When I win, That United States title.....It shall become the United Kingdom Championship......And It shall go to the country who deserves it the most, The UK!

    The Crowd, Watching this interview, Boo Knight as he laughs and walks off, the Interviewer coming back and Apologizing for what Knight has been saying.
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