Storyline Knight's Christmas Gifts part 3.5

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  1. Knight, With a Present in his arms, walks into the Mental Institution Victoria Parker (@geekgoddess ) is currently being kept. He walks in to see some familiar faces from a stay he had here. He walks to the counter and asks for a pass.
    Reception: Can I have your name please?
    Knight: It's B.....David Knight.....My Names David Knight.....
    Reception: Well, Who are you here to visit?
    Knight: Victoria Parker......If that's alright.....
    Reception: Here's your pass....I'm sure I've seen you from somewhere before....
    Knight is given a pass and he walks away towards the door of Victoria's room. He quickly gets into the room before his former doctor sees him. He turns around to see Victoria Parker.
    Knight: So.....You're Victoria Parker.......I was doubting I would of found you here......Anyway, I have a little present for you......Would you want now or after your little episode?
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    Victoria looks up from the ground to see Knight standing in her room. She analyzes Knight's appearance and smirks at him. "I was wondering when you'd show up. If by 'episode' you mean my out-of-control and erratic behavior, I think I'll reserve judgment until I see what your present is. But I imagine, given the other gifts you've supplied the other superstars, it's not something I put on my wish list. But, since you're looking to be the new resident bad ass of the IWT, I'll humor you and allow you to give me this 'present'."
  3. Knight Chuckles and looks at his gift.
    Knight: Your Gift....Oh.....It's something you wouldn't expect given my actions to the others......but They get what they deserve. Before I give you your gift though.....I just want to have a chat.....Something to make you feel.....wanted.....
    Knight places the 'Present' on a nearby table.
    Knight: You must get lonely here, In this room......No one to talk to but the frequent visits.....and the Doctor's with their needles and their crazy ideas.....Tell me, How is Dr.Strong these days?
    Knight sits down on a chair and places his heads on his knuckles and gives a demented smile to Victoria.
  4. Victoria looks at Knight with intrigue. "I've never been in a place like this before. The staff is all business and none of them really care about who I am. All they want to do is fix me, but no one bothers to ask me if I want to be fixed. It makes me feel a bit...crazy...knowing that no one's really listening or paying attention to what I want. But, I figure I'll stay here until I find a way out and then they'll get what they really deserve."

    Victoria throws her head back in laughter. "Oh, good old Dr. Strong. They don't tell me much around here, but I've heard that he's still in the hospital recovering from his unfortunate injuries. But, he should have known better than to try to put me back in this straightjacket. By trying to do that he was practically begging me to injure him. For being a psychiatrist with a Ph.D, he's actually pretty stupid. Now I have this Dr. Adams who seems pretty much the same. They're both trying to fix something that isn't really broken."
  5. Knight smiles.
    Knight: This place brings back so many memories...the Good and the Bad.
    Knight thinks for a minute thinking about his old 'cell'.
    Knight: I know for a fact that Dr.Strong still remembers me.....I forgot about him until you're little documentaries.....It's interesting how old 'Friends' can be found.
    Knight then stares at Victoria like his minds is wandering. He soon snaps back to reality.
    Knight: But Dr.Strong and his Colleagues were a bunch of bastards......The talks I had to sit through, the Idiots I had to sit next to and worst of all......That fucker was the only person who would come and see me. Unlike you, Victoria, Some of us had to come to terms with the fact that no one cares about you and that no gives a fuck about what happens to you. So I rotted in that cell.....Until, my time Then I'd lost all hope in my friends and my family.....No Life, No money, I had Jackshit.....and Guess who came to my help.....Doctor Fucking Strong! He signed a deal behind my back to that son of a bitch, Jonathan.....and he waited till I left to tell me......That bastard deserved what ever injuries come to him.
    Knight Snaps out of his memories and holds his head as he sits back down.
    Knight: Now....Where was I......Oh, Yes.....Your Present.
    Knight gets up and goes to get the present on the desk and turns around and sits back down.
  6. Victoria looks seriously at Knight, watching his expressions carefully. "I didn't realize you'd been here seems like we have a few things in common. I'm not sure that anyone really cares about me either. The IWT and this asylum are interested in how I make them look. If the asylum can fix the out-of-control two time IWT Champion then that gives them a postive reputation. As far as the IWT is concerned, they want the old Victoria Parker back, the one that doesn't make them look bad. I give the company the wrong kind of attention. I wouldn't be here in the first place if they agreed with and supported my tactics. As far as the few superstars that have come to visit me, they haven't come because they care about me. They're interested in what it brings to their career and nothing more."

    Victoria looks at the gift in Knight's hands. "Considering I'm still restrained in this jacket, you'll have to do me the honor of opening it."
  7. Knight begins to unwrap the Gift.
    Knight: But you see Victoria.....I'm not here for my career.....I know that it's not going anywhere......I've come here because I care......I care about anyone who enjoys the Chaos they bring.....
    Knight pulls out a music Box and places it in front of Victoria.
    Knight: If you're wondering about this.....My Old doctor......Dr. Eva Stevens.....She always said that Music can calm people down. I give you this.....A Music Box.....A Simple....Music Box. No Bombs inside, No secret Knifes, No Knight's Secret Surprise just a Music Box.
    Knight sits down and looks at Victoria
    Knight: It's really a shame about Dr.Stevens.....I kinda missed her after Dr.Strong removed her from here. I don't want to see someone.....Getting sad about people not being visited for a proper purpose. Say.....Would you like me to start this damn thing?
  8. Victoria looks at the beautiful intricate music box in Knight's hand. She looks back at Knight, puzzled. "Well, it seems like something Dr. Stevens did left an impression on you. Go ahead and play the music box. I'm curious about it."
  9. Knight Begins to fiddle with the box and Lovely Piece of Music Plays. Knight reminisces of all the old time with Dr.Stevens. He begins to talk in a soft, calm voice, unusual for him.
    Knight: I guess I should tell you about Dr.Stevens then......She was different.....She took care for her patients and she wasn't as much as a dick then the rest of them here. I guess she did leave an Impression on me.....And then, Dr.Strong came.....He told me that she was fired.....but he didn't give a reason when I questioned him. The Only thing I had left to remember her with was this music Box......I guess I'm giving it to you for you to recover......
    Knight Snaps out of his calm voice and the Music Continues to play.
  10. Victoria looks from the music box and back to Forrest. Her expression is unreadable. "The music is very nice. Thank you.

    "Maybe this Dr. Stevens is out there somewhere", Victoria continued, recovering a bit from what she just witnessed. "You probably won't find your answers here but someone somewhere has to know what happened to her."
  11. Knight smile for a second before the music ends and he goes back to his usual self.
    Knight: Maybe your right, Victoria.....
    Knight gets up and leaves the Music Box near Victoria.
    Knight: I guess I'll be taking my Leave.....I need to go see Two Canadians about their Christmas Gifts......I hope you get well son, Mrs.Parker.....
    Knight walks over to the door and turns around.
    Knight: And I guess I'll be visiting Dr.Strong Next.....They Let you have phone calls here, right? If so.....Give me a Call when he returns......I'm up for a little Interrogation....
    Knight leaves the room and he walks out of the building. He gets into Aids' car and drives off.