Storyline Knight's Christmas Gifts Part One.

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  1. Knight is outside in the parking lot, with a Santa Costume on. He's Holding a bag of ''presents' as he stands by various wrestlers cars.
    Knight: Hello, IWT....My Name is Bruce Knight and Today.......I'm delivering 'Presents' to the people of IWT and I'm Delivering them live!
    Knight goes over to the first car he sees, which is @Jonathan 's and he takes a list out.
    Knight: The First on my List is Jonathan.....The GM of IWT.....HO HO HO......and It looks like he's been a very naughty boy for not giving people like my self more opportunities.....but Instead of Coal......You get something special!
    Knight Pulls out a Hammer from the bag and he begins to bash the hammer down on the bonnet of the car before smashing the windows and smashing the doors. He then throws the hammer into the car which has a card attached to it which says "Merry Christmas from Santa Knight." He then walks towards a Vehicle which belongs to @Farooq. He Looks at his list again.
    Knight: Now we have Farooq! Lets see......Farooq has been a bad son of a gun this year as well......So he gets something better then Jonathan.....
    Knight smashes the windows of the car and takes the radio out by using a screwdriver and he places in his bag. He then takes out what ever valuables are in the car and places it into his bag.
    Knight: Next on my List is.....Aids Johnson (@Champ Johnson)......and what a year it's been for you......You have been a ......Good Boy this year......but I don't like Heroes or Good Guys.......I despise all you stand for Mr.Johnson.......So, I Give you this gift.....
    Knight smashes Aid's windows,Places his bag inside and then hotwires his car before making a Get away with a few crew members chasing after the distance Knight Says....
    Knight: Merry Christmas.....Everyone! HO HO HO!

    OOC- Gonna do some more in the week......Lets just say there's more Gifts......coming soon.
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  2. Farooq walks up to his car. ".......DAMN!"
  3. OOC: great idea, lol'd
  4. Aids walks out to the parking lot, walking back and forth, unable to find his car. Aids stumbles around, clearly drunk, confused as to where his car is.

    "Where the fuck? Son of a bitch...ANOTHER ONE!? " Aids says, before pulling out his cell phone, "Yeah, another car gone baby, i'm gonna be staying in my LR again. FFS, tell your pimp i'll pay for your cab ride here, yes again!" Before walking back inside.
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