Storyline Knight's Christmas Gifts Part Two.

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    Knight is inside the IWT Arena as a match is taking place. He's back in his Santa Suit and he has another bag, with something at the bottom of it.

    Knight: Well, Hello IWT.....It's me, Santa Knight, Back again to deliver my next round of deliveries! HO HO HO! Now Let's See who's first.....

    Knight goes to the nearest Locker room and looks at the name on the door. He looks at his list and then he laughs in a jolly, santa like voice.

    Knight: HO HO HO! The first man.....or woman should I say, on my new list is......Victoria Parker (@geekgoddess).....Unfortunately, I already have a present planned for you, Mrs.Parker, So I guess I'll be seeing you soon......Don't worry, I won't fiddle around in you're locker room......

    Knight walks to the next locker room and locks at his list and laughs again in the same tone

    Knight: HO HO HO! It looks like the next man on my list is......Ben Dover or Sir Russ Lee (@TheOvalhead ).....What ever he's called now...... he's been a very Naughty boy.....So, Here's My Present to you!

    Knight picks the lock to Dover's Locker room and he opens the door. He walks into the room and looks around in various places until he finds a DVD Case. He opens it up and smiles and Knight can be hears saying "An Unreleased Sex Tape? Perfect....". He Places it in his jacket and he walks out. He walks to the next locker room, Not mentioning the DVD he found.

    Knight: HO HO HO......Now, Who's Next on my again @Jonathan.......Oh Look, Here's your office......I guess You can have an Extra Present....
    Knight walks into Jonathan's Office while he's out and he grabs the computer monitor and throws it at the wall. He then takes a Hammer out from his bag and he smashes his computer to pieces. He then takes out some important IWT Files (Files for the next two events) and he places them in his jacket with Dover's DVD. He then Leaves Jonathan's Office in a rush as staff members chase him again. He says in the distance

    Knight: HO HO HO! Merry Christmas IWT And A Happy New Year!

    Knight Rushes out of the arena and gets into Aids' Car (Which he Hijacked in Part one) and Drives off.

    OOC- I guess 1/2 more before a special edition......I don't know what I can take off some of you guys though......
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  2. OOC: my name is aids. Not AID lol only FTJ calls me Aid lol

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