Storyline Knight's Return from Philadelphia + Open Challenge

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  1. No Music Plays as a Man in a Clown Mask walks down to the ring, He looks all around at the fans who are looking confused. He walks down to ringside and gets into the ring. He grabs a Microphone from the ring announcer.
    ???: Hello....IWT.....It seems you may of forgotten about me. You don't recognize my voice.....You don't recognize the body.....But I assure you.....You'll recognize the face!
    The Mysterious man takes off his mask to reveal Bruce Knight, Who the crowd begins to cheer for. He gives a smile to the crowd and then walks around the ring.
    Knight: Now you remember me....The man who, at the Slammys, Will defeat Chris Kaizer and The man who is destined to win the Royal Rumble! Now, I've arrived back early due to some unforeseen circumstances but that should be good thing for you all.....because now, You get the pleasure of seeing me wrestle.....Which gets me to my next topic!
    Knight turns around to Face the Entrance and he leans on the ropes in front of him.
    Knight: So, How about it......I'm up for a fight.....I'm sure someone backstage wants to remove some ring rust. I'm challenging anyone back there to come on down and to face me one on one.....Hell, I'll even take on FTJ if none of you will come down....
    Knight waits in the ring awaiting the appearance of a someone from Backstage, Prepping himself for anyone.
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  2. OOC : Looks like no one replied so..... @Emperor Lelouch Britannia .....I'm Challenging you to a Dark Match.....

    Knight stands in the ring and no one comes out. He picks his microphone up.
    Knight: So.....It's come down to this? No one wants to come out a face me.....Well then, Lets call out IWT's Local Jobber.....FTJ......I'm calling you out for a Dark Match right here.....why? Because I need to defeat someone before I beat Kaizer.....
  4. The crowd grows restless before a "Frank's a pussy" *Clap clap clap clap clap* chant breaks out.
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  5. OOC: God, sons of bitches... I got this
    *Out go the lights*

    Announcer 1: Oh no...
    *All lights go on and there's Duggan with this sick see-through guitar (reference Kirk Hammet's guitar he used when he performed "Am I Evil?" at Fort Worth, TX in 1997, "Cunning Stunts") Duggan walks down to the ring and stares at Bruce, music cuts off*
    Dexx: .... ... ... ... ... .... *Makes the Vulcan "live long and prosper symbol" Greetings! It is I, DA BEACON!!!! *cheers* I understand you are looking for a direct line fight and as told by my master, who just recovered from getting hit by a 10 wheel locomotive and was saved by the glorious Doctor Wear, I should capitalize to influence our quest! *Plays a guitar cord, then starts playing a catchy beat* What do you say Mister "Knight of Bruce" ??? Care to join me in Judgement Day?
    OOC: You made the challenge and Brit said no, lets do this.
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  6. Knight Smiles as he picks up his mask. He raises the microphone to his mouth.
    Knight: You see here, Dexx...You, even though your crazy, have guts......You were the only person to come out and accept my challenge.....Now Draw your weapon, Duggan and lets have our selves a battle....
    Knight stands in the ring waiting for Duggan to enter the ring and to start the match, dropping his microphone and passing his mask to the ring announcer.

    OOC: @Jonathan
  7. *Dexx takes off his guitar, gets in the ring*
    Dexx: As the Panda would say, "lets begin the fiesta and end when the penguin ice hockey game goes into overtime!"
  8. OOC - On Second thought, I'm going to cancel the Open Challenge.....If it's alright with you......
  9. yeah sure watever