Storyline Knight's talk on IWT.

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  1. Bruce Knight is inside an arena, but not one where IWT are. Instead, he is another Promotions' Home Ground, backstage walking through the corridors with his own camera crew. Chants of "Johnny Saturn" and "Carmen Stevenson" can be heard as he walks along the corridors.

    Knight: Hello there IWT, It is "The Future" here, Bruce Knight in this promotion which will be my accommodation for the night. Why am I here, you ask? It's just another form of my Training....and I have words for many of the people in IWT.

    First, I turn my attention to the X-Division, a Place where the new stars rise and old coots like Senhor Perfect should belong. It's a Place of Birth and Death, a Place where a star begins his rise and where an old fart finishes his career. Men like David and Antonio Alias have showed that my point is true, Winning the titles and becoming a rising star in the process.

    Next is the youth of IWT. The youth revolution has already arrived be it in the form of Sir Lee, Antonio Alias, Joey Bryant or Myself, We have proven ourselves to be better than your veterans such as Dat Kid and Senhor Perfect…Sir Lee had his shot and he took it, same for Antonio Alias….yet Joey Bryant failed to take his chance but it was not his fault. Joey, You Should be the IWT Champion right now…But you aligned yourself with that Senile old man Known as Dat Kid…and that shall be your downfall.

    Then we have the misplaced men like Frank The Jock and Senhor Perfect, who never know when Enough is Enough. Yo, Francine, I hope your hearing me because you, my brain damaged co-worker, have been damaged in the head by all your matches that you actually believe that you deserve a title shot when everyone else, even the newest guy that walks through that door, deserves a shot ahead of you. Frank, you’re the bottom of the food chain…You are expendable….You are replaceable. Senhor Perfect, You are just like Francine but you show my determination to get what you want but Perfect, you, like Frankie, fail to understand when it’s time to stop. Perfect, you will never be the man that you used to be, you will never get another title run while you’re in the form you’re in right now. Perfect, You are nothing but a mindless shell of your former self…You, like Frankie, are replaceable by anyone in the X-Division right now.

    Tonight is the Elimination Chamber matches, The World Heavyweight Championship and IWT Championship, I don’t care who gets out of that chamber of dreams with those belts, be it Aids with the IWT Championship or Victoria Parker with the WHC….I will take you to your limit at WrestleMania, No matter what anyone else says because I am “The Future of Wrestling” and all you Pre-Historic fossils shall feel my wrath.

    Knight walks into a locker room as the camera knocks off, picking up a picture of Antonio Alias walking in the corridor of this arena.
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  2. OOC - The assumption of VP getting the WHC makes me sick.
  3. How the hell are you taking both of us to our limits? Also DK wasnt with Dat Kid when i beat him - twice :pity2:

    Looking forward to your decision after EC.
  4. And my IWT History Fails me....
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  5. [​IMG]
  6. Chris Kaizer: Ya know what pisses me off? The fact I beat this guy 2 months ago and now he is main eventing IWTmania while I am stuck in the midcard...psh.
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  7. OOC: As much I love Jennifer, I'm more in love with Jwab. Jwab got it. Jwab vs Forrest at IWT Mania 2.
  8. OOC: Victoria Parker had her 2000 chances at the spotlight.
  9. pretty sure she's the only 2 time IWT champ in the company, had 2 tag title runs :pity2:

    Man these kids are just aching for title runs, even if it isnt her, Brita and Dat Kid are still favorites IMO.
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  10. And you are the only 3 time IWT Champ. I don't think anyone has held the IWT title more than once other than you or her.
  11. I have!

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    in my dreams :okay:
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  12. I imagined you smiling at your wall of IWT Championships in your dreams but Aids decides to wake you up.
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  13. [​IMG]
    Time to wake up Nick.
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  14. [​IMG]
    I've been up, and I've been waiting for my moment...
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  15. the goat GIF.
  16. You've stepped up your game, I like it. Lol at me getting flimed towards the end, I got where you were filming this from.
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