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  1. Knight is in a Gymnasium, where a ring is set up behind him, Holding a Camera. His clothes look completely different to what he usually wears. He's sporting a Fancy suit, some Shades and Fedora.
    Knight: Hello, IWT.....I Have some news for you all......I won't be returning to IWT for a while.....But I Will be there for the Slammys and for Chris Kaizer. The Reason for this being is.....I'm in Philadelphia doing some business. You see, I'm looking for an old friend of mine who.....Victoria Parker and My Former Doctor, Dr.Strong, had gotten rid of. To say the least, I got the info out of him and It lead me here, To Philadelphia. Anyway, To pay some bills and to get some grub, I've been doing some work with a Independent company here. Anyway, As I said, I'm here to find a friend and I won't be back until the Slammys....But Kaizer, Don't think I'm running away because when I find who i'm looking for......I'm coming back to IWT and I'm going to kick your Attention Seeking Ass!
    Knight Knocks the camera off and He walks to his car out of the arena.
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  2. OOC- Just to make sure, you fine with this match going down @Jonathan?
  3. Yep
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  4. Day 3 in Philadelphia.

    Knight is standing outside in a park, wearing more classier clothes then he IWT is used to seeing. He looks a bit cockier as well, Smiling into the camera when it first switches on.

    Knight: What's going on IWT? It's Me, Bruce Knight here and as you'll notice.....I Look different to the Knight you know on TV, But Why?....because I'm close to what I came to this god damn place for. Now, In Reply to Kaizer, I don't give a damn about whatever he says because anything that comes out of his mouth is irrelevant. You see, Kaizer.....You've never got the chance to face me.....You didn't even get a match at PWR, So be Honest.....How Long has it been since a Steroid Junkie like you......has been in a ring last? I would predict that it would of been around 5-10 years because unlike you.....I've been training and I've been making a name for myself in IWT. I'd like to sit here and chat about how our match will be better then Dat Kid and that Drugged up Freak, FTJ's Match.....but I have other things to do. Unlike you, Kaizer, I don't sit in front of my computer and rant about yourself with a fake account on wrestling forums.....Unlike you, I don't rant about being an 'Internet Darling', even if you only have one damn fan and Unlike you.....I've proven myself to be a man that IWT can count on to Carry Deadbeats like yourself through any kind of match. Until the Slammys, Chris.....Ciao....

    Knight Knocks the Camera off as he goes for his phone, Presumably phoning someone.
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  5. *Kaizer is sitting in front of a camera in front of a pool*

    Kaizer: Okay, is that-no, okay. Just wasted 3 minutes of my life watching that, anyways. I'm down here filming a movie for Universal Studios, while you are in the most shitty city in America in Philly, I'm sitting here enjoying the nice wonderful weather. Also, don't own a computer, just a laptop. Also, most people on wrestling forums love me. So even are gay for me, shout out to @Farooq.

    *Kaizer takes a drink of a beer*

    Also, my last match was in PWG. One week ago before I signed my contract with IWT. Did have a nice offer from ACW...don't know what happened to it though...anyways. You can sit there or walk or do what ever you do, right now, thinking you will win our match. Just face it, I honestly don't care. I am still making more money then you ever will.

    *Kaizer pulls out a photo of him and John Cena*

    Ya see, me and Cena are like in many ways. We are both very good looking males. We also are very...successful, something you are not. Now, if you excuse me, I got a movie to film. Shit, can't shoot it this time!

    *Kaizer throws it into the pool*
  6. A Message to Victoria Parker (@geekgoddess )
    Knight is in Philadelphia, Still in his fancy suit but he looks a bit depressed.
    Knight: Hey, Victoria, If your receiving this message and I hope you do. I found her.....Unfortunately, she didn't want to see me again because she called me crazy....She then shut the door on my face.
    Knight continues to walk through the Streets.
    Knight: But you know what.....I've changed.....Throughout my week here.....I've learnt a few new things....I've met some new friends. Anyway....Enough of my Sad, Meaningless Story, I'll be Back soon.....And......If you ever need my help......Just give me a call.....
    Knight walks into an Alleyway, Then Puts a Clown Mask on and is passed a weapon. Voice can be heard in the background along with a Van's engine.
    Knight: But Until Then, I Have a show to put on! So Long and Thank you for your Advice, Ms.Parker, Hopefully, we'll meet again sometime in this lifetime!
    The Camera turns off as Knight gets into the Back of the Van with 4 other people seen in the Van as shadows.
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