Storyline Know Hope.

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  1. *Once again Corey Marcus is the dark room, on the walls there is glowing paint that says "Know Hope", the K and W are in red letters while the rest are in blue*

    "Do you feel numb yet? What Era was there for you to start in the first place? The more you speak about a fake era, the more of those words you find yourself choking on. It's all apart of your imagination, and you still refuse to believe. The pain never looked so magnificent.....It's a beautiful show, really, there is no other show like pain. I know, you are looking at me in this room right now wondering after 5 days of this, what do you expect from me? Well the real question is what do you expect from yourself... did you expect yourself to be the guy? Did you expect yourself to be the one living in a city of gold as all the others look up to you wishing they were you? You tried to build your own city of gold but found yourself neglected, a city of gold doesn't bring appreciation, it brings disgust, jealousy and a picture that was never meant to be painted."

    *Points at the wall with the quote*

    "Do you see the writing on the wall over there? I look at it and I see what is meant to be seen, I see the Red letters along with the Blue. You on the other hand, all you see is the Blue. How can you have Hope if you don't Know Hope?"


    Segment Over

    Corey Marcus
    The bad omen