Games Kojima's Death Stranding

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  1. idk anything about this game and I don't think anyone else really does but it looks strangely interesting. Glad to see more actors coming into video games as stand alone characters and not being based off of a movie or TV show.
  2. This is the poem featured in the trailer:


    My guess is it has to do with some form of higher inelegance. It looks like Norman was reaping the loss of human life.
    The X on his stomach seems to be as if he was created (not by man) since the belly button is where the umbilical cord normally is.
    Looks like it will be an interesting game. I don't own a PS but I will likely watch the game play out of curiously. Kojima does some good work.
  3. Way way way out, 2018 at the earliest. Glad to see he's at least going down the psychological thriller route, early concept art made me think it'd be some Titanfall bullshit w/ a story.
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