Lucha Konnan Gets Himself Into Hot Water

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Prince Bálor, Aug 27, 2015.

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    'Konnan then laughed and said that you're not that good looking and she got even more upset.'
    LOL, Konnan. Should've known that was gonna make her angry, m8. You're lucky she didn't slap you.
  2. So Konnan is sexist... Not surprised.

    In before this is supposed to be funny.
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  3. It IS funny.
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  4. :lol1: That actually is pretty funny. Why do people get upset over stuff like this?
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  5. Because not every woman wants guys randomly touching her. And shock, he acts like a Felipe when she spoke up against him.
  6. Pfft came into this thread thinking I'd see Konnan in the bath. What a disappointment. :sad:
  7. because personal space.
  8. Because we live in an oversensitive, pussified society. Who would have known that touching someone on their back would be cause for outrage...
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  9. It's not oversensitive, it's called decency. A no is a no and if a person is uncomfortable with someone touching them anywhere, they have a right as a human being to make it known. Especially if the person touching them is someone they do no know. And there is no info on Konnan and this woman knowing each other as anything more than through the industry.
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    Why did he need to touch her anyway? He didn't. Nobody needs to be touching complete strangers whether it's on the back or on the vag.
    Not to mention his response which was nothing short of butthurt.
  11. I guess i'm weird, but I gift pats on the back to people I meet or randomly talk to. I guess my only question would be how it was done, and his response is what blew it up.

    If it wasn't meant to be sexual, he responded poorly. If it was, people are blowing up for the right reasons. I just think everyone has been butthurt so hard lately.
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  12. Yeah, I also tend to give pats to the upper back or shoulders to friends. But the report makes it seems like it wasn't that.
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  13. I could see it as an "I agree with you, good call" attaboy style pat until his response is quoted.
  14. His response, to me, indicates that it was far from just a friendly pat.
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  15. You legit just quoted me to agree with what I said. His response is damning.
  16. Wasn't aware that it wasn't allowed. I'll remember for next time, chief.
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  17. I was actually implying that he was probably trying to get in her panties and when she called him out he turned ugly.
  18. I wouldn't want Konnan touching me either, personally.
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  19. Unless he was rubbing or massaging some part of her back in an overly flirtatious manner, then I would easily call it being too sensitive. Just because you aren't comfortable with something doesn't mean you're not being too delicate about it. It's not like he smacked her on the buttocks.

    I think it more strongly indicates that he immediately knew from her response that she thought it was sexual and thus responded in the manner he did accordingly.
  20. His reaction was one that happens so often and it's out of rejection. But nice try putting all the blame on her.

    And again, not everybody wants strangers touching them, be it sexual or not.