KWA Kenmore Wrestling Alliance The Begining! Video

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  1. [yt]http:emoji_confused:/[/yt]​


    [size=x-large]KWA Is Coming.... Are you ready for the KWA Revolution?? ?#GetReady?!
  2. The fuck is this shit here..

    Lmao better than TNA.. Hope your two weeks will be fun..
  3. You're so cute lol :yay:
  4. we are going to have a own ring and start are own wrestling promotion! And will become the best Vince better watch and defliy dickh crater better watch out to b/c KWA Revolution is coming! TO TAKE OVER!
  5. With all due respect Randy, you aren't going to be challenging TNA or the WWE, they have much better finances and talent available. How many of your roster are actually trained for instance?
  6. Trust were going to make were aless are going to PISS TNA OFF!
  7. Most of us got the backyard wrestling thing out of our system on our trampolines when we were 9.. it's cute that you still play wrestling though. Well, either cute or deeply disturbing, I haven't decided which.
  8. TNA won't notice you, I doubt ROH, PWG and Chikara register on their radar, let alone a back yard fed just because they have a ring. Once again who is trained on your roster?
  9. Ashley we chews not to recognzie TNA because we better than they already! TNA suck they be out of buildness in one years times!
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  10. Where not a backyard wrestling fed b/c were using a ring like WWE,TNA and ROH are all use!
  11. So you got a ring? That does not make you pros. Nor does it mean that you will draw people. Because I own a hockey goal does not mean I will sell out MSG for a hockey match.

    TNA is by far the second best Wrestling promo in the world at the moment. They have great matches on a regular basis and mostly good storylines.

    You guys will drop off whatever radar you are on in two weeks. just my opinion.
  12. You're still backyard lol, you're not an independent promotion using trained talent are you?
  13. http:emoji_confused:/

    Backyard wrestling (BYW), and also referred to as yarding or backyarding is a controversial underground recreation based on the usually [size=x-large]untrained [/size]practice of professional-style wrestling in a typically low budget environment between predominantly 12 to 30 year old males. Some practitioners have attended wrestling school or learned wrestling abilities from those who do. For years, it has been followed by critical opposition and its popularity boosted by the boom period of professional wrestling notorious as the Monday Night Wars.

    In the late 1980s to early 1990s, before it was opposed, backyard wrestling was often a good-natured genre which appealed to media for coverage. Gradually, it began showcasing the reckless basis of ultraviolent antics that incited controversy among worried parental guardians and professional personnel.

    Backyard wrestling is a loose term that can occur anywhere from a park, field to an actual backyard and has become completely reliant on sharing home-filmed events, matches and videos via public-access television and the internet which were both an upgrade from distributing videos person-to-person retrospectively.


    Ashley you are backyard wrestlers, and pathetic ones at that.
  14. were not staring yet and we still have to get ring were build it from sraces! And will gets fans alot logoly! And we us showing a video on YT we made get EVEN BIGGER THEN THAT!
  15. Meh, try not to hurt yourself champ.
  16. Scaces? Logoly? These are not words
  17. You are building a ring from scraps? ARE YOU A RETARD THAT IS DANGEROUS! And a ring does not logically draw fans, and neither does youtube.
  18. Were getting the parts to make the ring the right way it will not be a pess of shit it will be made the right were it cheat to just buy all the part and make are self!
  19. Are you sure your mom is cool with this?
  20. LOL!
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