Storyline La Gran Entrada

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  1. Yo soy Gato Volar

    For those peasants here in America who only know two languages...dos idiomas..which would be english and bad english, my name is Gato Volar

    I have come from Mexico to conquer new horizons here in IWT...
    He venido desde México a conquista nuevos horizontes aquí en IWT

    Thanks to those filthy dogs you call border patrol they have kept me away from here as long as physically possible. They knew they couldn't imagine a world with a Mexican world champion...campeón del mundo mexicano

    La gente are hard working people, doing the things no one dares to do yet you people complain about losing opportunity because we work our hands to the bone for you?
    El trabajo de sus manos has hasta el huestos

    I will use these fists and every bit of my being to earn what La gente have been looking for all along.

    Serán ustedes los que tiembla bajo la bota del GATO VOLAR
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  2. Love the new character. Had high hopes, since you signed up.
  3. Thanks figured I'd go a completely different route