Storyline Lack Of Challengers, Huh?

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  1. *Alias' theme song commences to resound throughout the arena, with smoke surfacing from the ground floor, ammasing a big pop for IWT's WHC. After the 0:12 mark, Alias walks out (sporting his VIOLENCE = MONEY t-shirt, a beanie and some denim ripped shorts) and throws up the devil horns along with raising his World Title. He saunters down the ring, slighty twitching his neck back and forth. Before entering the ring, he wipes his feet on the apron, taking a glare at the IWT faithful. Once in the ring, he throws up the devil horns once more and lays the WHC on the ring mat.*

    I hate to reemphazise on what other people have said, but it's true, at the end of Uprising, the second generation stood tall in the center of this very ring, still at the zenith of this company. Joey Bryant defended his title like a man, and he beat Farooq's sorry ass like a MAN. Chris Kaizer finally put Ben Dover's boring ass to sleep, pardon the pun, and conquered his first of many titles here in the IWT. The Second Generation is not a "faction" or a "stable", as you all like to call it. It's an uprising of a new breed, tired of the has-beens running on their last legs on this company.

    But you may be wondering, what did I do at Uprising? I unfortunately didn't have a match on the show, and I still apologize to all of you fans who were anticipating an entertaining title bout. But that was not in my control and it was not my fault, it was Kid's. And don't you worry, Dat Kid will have what's coming to him at MITB, whether it be Trip making him his bitch, or whether it be Roadster stealing his title shot. I assure you after MITB, Dat Kid won't even have the unmitigated gall to appear at Summerslam.

    As for what MITB holds for me, I will be defending this very championship. No, not against that pussy Aids who backed down from the challenge yet wants to participate in the MITB match, hoping to sober up so he can actually see me coming when I kick his ass. But instead, I am facing one half of the tag champs, Andrew. Now I don't want to let the cat out of the bag and say what I need to say about this. But I will do one thing.

    I've heard people claim that the lack of challengers is one thing that will lead to the decay of this championship. And I ain't ready to let that happen. So I am giving out an open challenge to the back. If you beat me, you get a future title shot per my promise. If you lose, well, you have the utmost prerogative of saying you lost to the second generation.

    So come on out whoever's at the back. Roadster, Nick, Majour, Farooq. Anyone, come on out. I'll be waiting.

    *Alias awaits against the ropes as the crowd pop*
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  2. Artist comes out once again (Super Cena) at the 25 second mark. Reaches mid ramp, spreads his arms wide and tilts his head back as green pyro rains.

    Artist: You see, I've been waiting to face you again...FOR A LONG time. Ever since you destroyed me back in what...March? This will finally be the closure on our "feud" since we beat the crap out of each other and I for one, would love to face. I don't want to let out exactly what I want to say to you in our match...but I'm here. And Fuck Dat Kid.

    Artist waits for a response.
  3. *Alias smirks as he picks up his WHC*

    As expected. Nice to see you again Roadster. Think this is your final chance at even getting a tiny little fragment closer to this title. If you win, I will give you a title shot. If you lose, back to being simpleton Roadster.

    Ring the bell.

    OOC: @Trip in the Head make the match thread? BTW Roadster, I may not reply till tomorrow because I'm going to bed soon, so if you wanna cut the first promo, go ahead.
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  4. Artist: Simpleton?...just for the sake of asking...why do you do everything Dat Kid does?

    OOC: Sure.
  5. Alias: For MY sake of asking, why do you do everything that you do? You'd be a much bigger star if you didn't spew half the bullshit you do.
  6. Artist: once again for the sake of asking, what bullshit? Your name?
  7. Alias: You think that's a clever remark of sorts, Roadster? Shame you can never back up your comments with actual wins. What happened to that whole "empires will crumble just at the sight of seeing Roadster" ordeal? Eh?
  8. Artist:'re a tribe of war, not an empire. Dat Kid is my target. He's an empire that will crumble not only by me but by you, Joey and anyone else who has a problem and wants to beat the piss out of him.
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