Ladders Are Like Home To Me.....

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  1. *Adam walks down to the ring with no tag team title with him, He stands next to a ladder with the MITB briefcase hanging at the top*​
    I stand here with no tag team championship around my waist, And this ladder next to me. I had a long history with ladders dating back to when I was a child, I remember watching Scott Hall Vs HBK in a ladder match, Its been normal for me to take these risks in order to win matches, I take more risks that anyone else! I have never lost a ladder match in my career and this Sunday is no different, This Sunday I do what I did at Extreme Rules and thats climb and ladder and take a briefcase because this Sunday I have no friends, Just wall, Wall I will break down as I define my legacy and become a world champion.​

  2. Yawn
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  3. I was hoping someone would come out after this lol