Storyline Ladies and Gentleman. You will listen.

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  1. Commentator 1: Ladies and gentleman, the fans here tonight are having a great time at Survivor Series!
    Commentator 2: You've got that right! We've already had 3 great matches here tonight, and we've got many more to come, featuring a Hell in a Cell match and Team Jonathan vs. Team Dat Kid!
    Commentator 1: Yes we do! But for now, we go back...

    *The arena lights go out and a faint "You Will Listen" echoes across the arena. The lights come back on after a minute*

    *FailFace comes out wearing a leather jacket and carrying a Kendo Stick. He walks to the ring, and grabs a mic from ringside before entering the ring*

    "Ladies and gentleman, FailFace has returned to IWT, and every single one of you peasants is gonna listen to every single damn thing I have to say! You see ladies and gentleman, tonight we are here at one of the most prestigious PPV's in this company, IWT Survivor Series! And tonight, I'm gonna say one thing to all of you. My losing streak, that will now be all in the past, I now realize was caused by one man. And that man, is none other than Mr. Sackfist himself. And so I challenge Mr. Sackfist right now to an impromptu match right now, here at Survivor Series! Now let's get a ref out here!

    *A referee comes to the ring, and FailFace waits for a minute, but Mr. Sackfist doesn't come out*

    "So Mr. Sackfist isn't even gonna have a pair and come out here to face me? Referee, start counting!"

    *The referee counts to 10, and calls for the bell*

    Ring Announcer: The winner of this match by countout, FailFace!

    "So there you have it folks, Mr. Sackfist is a coward, and I have just ended my losing streak! And this ladies and gentleman is just the beginning, and always remember, when I talk, you will listen."

    *FailFace drops the mic and leaves the ring, then walks to the back*

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    OOC: Mr. Sackfist has approved of this, and since he's written as active on the roster, we're viewing it as good unless told otherwise
  2. Tryone Martin: I didn't listen.