Storyline Landed.

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    IWT Returns from commerical, met with, Michael is sitting in a chair in a pure white room while wearing pitch black shorts and a pitch black T-Shirt. He is sporting a neck brace along with a bandaged forehead.

    Michael: Andrew, you crushed my esophagus in that little stunt you pulled back in Barcelona. You almost killed me in front of thousands of spectators over there. And the key phrase is "almost", and until it's a "did", I will not stay seated here in my home. I will stand up to fight another day, and I will stand up to fight another battle for The New Generation. You may have injured me, but just remember...I never forget the one's who wronged me. You may be safe now but as soon as you're out in the shallow waters. You'll be right there in the same hospital bed as I laid in. The same bed as I was left limp with a torturous and agonizing pain that you caused. I will not forget, and I will not stop without a pin-point shot of redemption.

    Michael let's out a cough while muttering grunts as his eyes squish shut in pain. He looks down as he picks up a picture of Joey Bryant before placing it back on a side table.

    Michael: Bryant, You may get an easy pass with me in our match due to the injuries I sustained, but I assure you that in our match I won't bare any substitutes and I will show up to the arena in a neck-brace and wheel chair if I have to. You're no Dat Kid, but you're certainly someone I would love to face and I would love to make an example out of. You're the Next Big Thing here in the IWT, you've been catered to since the day you hopped on Dat Kid's back. You're on top right now, but soon enough you'll be the one polishing my crown of the IWT. Live it while you can because before you know it, it will be gone...perished.

    Michael pauses before saying.

    Michael: Rise Up. End All

    The Screen fades.
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