Storyline Last interview before Mania match.

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  1. *Backstage at IWT Mania, IWT interviewer Kelly Kevin is standing by with one half of the tag team champions The Dazzler. When the camera gets a shot of The Dazzler, the crowd pops. The interviewer puts the mic to his mouth and goes to speak.*

    Interviewer 1: Ladies and gentleman, I am standing by with..............

    *The Dazzler raises his hand in front of the interviewers face, cutting him off. He grabs the mic from his hand and puts it up to his mouth. Dazzle goes to speak.*

    Dazzler: Finally.....................The Dazzler is here at IWT Mania!

    *crowd pops.*

    Dazzler: Which means that FINALLY......................the time for talk is over and the time for action has begun. Later tonight, two teams will walk down to that ring to do battle. Myself and Gav the Chav, the tag team champions, will walk down to that ring ready to put our belts on the line against Trip and Marcus Anthony of The Order. This is something The Dazzler has been waiting for since the tournament ended, and it's finally happening. The Order has tried time and time again to do whatever it takes to put either The Dazzler or Gav out before Mania, but they failed. Just like they will fail tonight on capturing our tag team championships.

    *The Dazzler hands the mic back to Kelly and he gets him self straightened back up. He goes to speak again.*

    Kelly: You know Dazzler, although you and Gav are the champs, there are some guys who believe you two are the underdogs going into this match. What do you have to say about that?

    Dazzler: What The Dazzler has to say about that is that it doesn't matter what any of those jabronis in their mom's basement have to say. The Dazzler and Gav are going to go out there, backed up by the millions.............

    *And Millions!*

    Dazzler: Of The Dazzling Chav's fans and we are going to give it our all. One Hundred Ten percent. There's also no doubt that Trip and Marcus aren't going to give it their all, but it doesn't matter how much effort they give! When the chips are down and the calls are made, The Dazzler and Gav will not fold under the pressure. If people want to see us as underdogs, let them. If they want to see us as favorites, let them. None of that matters to us. What matters is that The Dazzler and Gav are going to walk out there, whip their candy asses for as long as they need to, and then walk out with their titles intact. There is nothing that will get in our way of another victory, especially not two guys who have made it their purpose to make our lives a living hell. The world loves a happy ending, but this ending is everything but happy. There will be blood, sweat, and tears scattered around the ring. Four men will be giving it their all and putting their careers on the line to be tag team champions! The Order says Gav and The Dazzler aren't prestigious champions, but you can damn well be sure that this team is full of fighting champions!

    *The crowd starts really getting behind The Dazzler.*

    Dazzler: Come hell or high water, to where the sun doesn't shine, The Dazzling Chavs will retain their tag team championships! IF YOU SSSSSMMMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEELLALALALALALLAL WHAT THE THE DAZZLER IS COOKING!

    *The Dazzler raises his eyebrow and shoves the mic back into the interviewers chest. The Dazzler leaves the interview area.*
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  2. OOC: This character seems familiar. :hmm: