Storyline Last Night.....

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  1. *Same mask, trench coat get up, with "Venta de Bi" quote in the song*

    "Heeeelllllllo everyone! Now i'm pretty sure you saw my debut episode of Arty! Well, let me tell ya! If you thought what you were seeing was inappropriate, well what happened after camera time was a god like experience. And Gav i don't know if you think cheeky ****'s are bad, because they aren't that bad."

    *Crowd Chants, Gay! Gay! Gay!*

    "Why are you guys soooo nice? Because while praying to god, he gave me a great opportunity to do some goooood person work! So i got presents for everyone i know and love, Vicky Parker, i got you a apple bubbly to make up for your drinking addiction. Chris Kaizer i got you a Mt. Dew Kickstart to help you stay awake. Aids! I got you a shore for you to wash up on! and Gav i got you a dictionary, Vargy i got you a couple of these stick things, throw them out after use. It can help your anger. and Dat Kid, i got you a bar of soap to clean your hands. *He looks around clapping like a little girl. OH OH OH! *Crowd guy shouts, "That's what she said!"* i got Anonymous a good bye card, because after Mania 2.....He'll have to quit! BYE BYE EVERYONE!!!!​
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  2. OOC: where's my present? :alone:
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