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  1. The arena swells a deep shade of purple as Arno Frye's theme echoes throughout the arena. Out he comes when the beat kicks in, he is alone and in a rather cheerful mood. He quickly makes his way to the ring and wrestles out a microphone from his jacket. He motions for the music to stop and begins talking.

    Outside this ring I'm an artist, I am a LA celebrity but most importantly I'm a leader. However inside this squared circle I'm a loser, a joke and disgrace…* Crowd begin 0-5 chants*... that's no ones fault but mine I know and the time will come for Arno Frye to shine and show everyone backstage, you people and every idiot watching from home that I'm no damn joke. But tonight this isn't about me…

    ...For the last few weeks I've been working on a project. I've been awakening a man's took weeks and a lot of hard work and dedication but eventually… I prevailed, a good artist always does. I've converted a weak, fragile and just disgraceful human being into a beautiful work of art. I opened his eyes to the true ways of the world and there's no better gift you can give than the gift of knowledge. Without me he'd still be one of you pathetic sheep--

    The crowd interrupt Frye's rant with furious boos and ‘0-5’ chants. He takes the moment to calm himself down, running his left hand through his hair and pacing around the ring. Suddenly he stops and looks to the hard cam.

    IWT… do you know who Judas was? The man that betrayed Jesus Christ, the man who killed a GOD. I figured it a fitting name for my latest project seeing as to how we too have a lot of false Messiahs running around IWT in need of erasing. So without further ado...welcome…

    The Arena swells from a dark shade of purple to blood red as a unfamiliar sound echoes throughout. Slowly making his way from the back out comes Judas, dressed in all red with his face covered by his hood. He slowly walks down to the ring, once on the apron he stops and stares at Arno before stepping in the in the ring. Once inside he is handed the microphone and his music fades out. Facing the hard cam, he lowers his hood to reveal his mask with horns protruding from the forehead.

    IWT… This era of false prophets will soon been over. I was created for the purpose of bringing about a new world order and with Arno Frye guiding me I shall do just that. These are not threats they're promises. Anyone who dares stand in our path to revolution…* Sinister laughter*

    Judas drops the microphone in a fit of laughter. Arno joins him in the middle of the ring and the two share a bloodcurdling laugh.

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    Charles Raynor's music surprisingly hits shocking the crowd and the men in the ring. Charles Raynor comes out on stage with a microphone in hand wearing everyday clothes. He stays on the stage and his music quickly fades away.

    Before I begin let me just say I'm not out here to ruffle too many of your feathers. Let me just say Arno I like your work and I wanted to help you a bit. I've seen what having a losing record can do to someone second hand and I respect you for coming out here and still trying to make it all work. But, as you come out here tonight and introduce your new project well it made me think of my own project I've been working on. I am a student of the sport of professional wrestling as all of you already know but what is little known to most is that I am a student of business. You might not realize it but Professional Wrestling and Business go hand and hand. So I reached out to the man that I'm about to introduce because he's influenced me in both aspects of my studies. Since Arno you're a celebrity yourself I thought you and this man would have a little bit of chemistry. I made this man pull a lot of strings to be out here tonight being the fan of him that I am, so the least I could do was give him a little introduction.

    Charles Raynor steps to the side of the stage to give room for the mystery man to make his entrance

    Ladies and Gentlemen I give you...

    Charles Raynor pauses dramatically waiting for the theme of the unknown person to play

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  3. {After the quick little introduction, a honking echoed throughout the arena. A guitar riff had begun to play once a moped began to show driving down the entrance way. Steering this puppy had been a random man found off the street named Will. Behind him, in a helmet, was the returning Johnny B. Cool! Although, this was a much more serious Johnny. He has ditched the jeans and jacket for a business suit, long hair in a ponytail. After neglecting that Will of a tip, Johnny headed into the ring, unstrapping the helmet. In one hand was the head gear and in the second was a microphone. Half of the audience was popping while the other were utterly confused.}

    Before I get this started, I should probably give myself an introduction. My name is Johnny B. Cool, and I for one am not dressed like some demon freak! After two long years of being away from a wrestling ring, I'm back! You see not too long ago, I traded in my Cadillac to invest in a few businesses, and go the whole responsible adult route. The parents of who just recently invested in one of my top billed companies, is one Mr. Charles Raynor! I actually stopped by to catch up with a few people, but overheard you two jabrones. First of all, Manson.. Gerard.. Wait, wait, I got this! Zandig! ....No? Bare with me. Uh.. Ju-.. Judas! There we go. Fellow, I played with a Ouija board as a child, so I know not to mess with you. In fact, on behalf of DANK Corp, I'd love to give you a small loan.

    {Johnny tucked the microphone between his armpit, laying the helmet down onto the ground. He pulled out his wallet, showing off a few hundred dollar bills. Instead, he grabbed a twenty. The man had a rather sarcastic grin as he stretched the bill out to everyone. He was now holding it in Judas' direction.}

    Just for you, buddy! I know that Halloween is just around the corner, so don't mention it! I mean, now you can go to Walmart and actually upgrade your little outfit finally! A hood under a hood is uh.. Unique? ....Stupid, but unique! Think about all the fake blood and guy-liner you can get with this! You don't even have to thank me. Have fun trick-or-treating, you little rascal! Now, let me talk to your friend Small Frye. Tell me this, Frye.. Have you won a match yet? Arrrrrr.. Noooo! Wait, wait, wait. I'll give you some credit where it's due. Is there still hope for you? Arrrrr.. No! Nope. Not a chance. Let me really think here. Oh, I know! Do you have a fun time dressing up Judas in those totally scary outfits and show your parents? Arrrr... Yes! We have a winner!

    {The crowd was laughing now at Johnny's sarcastic tone. He couldn't help but to chuckle a bit himself. Still, he tried to calm the crowd down with soft shushing.}

    Come on guys, I'm being serious here! Really! ​
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  4. Arno stares at Johnny with a confused look on his face but Judas is infuriated and begins charging forward before he is halted by Arno. Arno motions for him to calm down and grabs for the microphone.

    ...Who the fuck are you? doesn't matter you're not worth my time. Where did you even come from. Just when I thought we had enough idiots in the damn company here you come to prove me wrong! *Arno looks past Johnny to Charles* You're fucking with me right!? You think I'm a joke because I'm 0-5 don't you? Haha real funny... Whatever kid, you're not worth our time either.

    Arno drops the microphone and slides out of the ring but looks back to see Judas still in the ring. Annoyed he stands back on the apron and demands Judas to follow suit. Judas picks up the microphone...

    Arno, I'm not going to let them disrespect us like this. They must be made an example of. *stares at Johnny* these sheep are really pissing me off...

    *Barely audible*...These two are merely bystander's to the New World. Our crusade doesn't start with them, let's go!

    Judas backs out of the ring and he and Frye head toward the back.
  5. Raynor comes on the microphone as Arno and Judas are making their way up the ramp.

    Woah woah woah wait just a damn minute. Someone 0-5 doesn't get to decide when and where their so called crusade starts and begins. I've handed you this match, with one of IWT's originals. One of the guys that wrestled with the likes of Alias Antonio when he was chasing the mere X-Division title. And I look at you Arno and I see someone like me trying to make a name for themselves but you just haven't been able to catch a break. The way I see it Arno this is your break. If you brush off Johnny B. Cool you might as well be 0 and 6. You think long and hard about how you go about choosing your opponents because obviously right now it hasn't worked out for you. I come to you as a man that's found success in their debut trying to share a little bit of that success with some of the guys like myself because i'm a generous guy. That man in the ring right now is one of my investments and I'll be damned if you continue to treat this whole thing as a joke. I'll leave you to your thoughts Arno and for now you can swallow your pride and get the hell out of here but you will accept this deal.

    Raynor drops his mic and leaves the IWT Arena slightly heated.
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