Last time you watched SmackDown?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Swing Car, May 16, 2015.

  1. I just realized I haven't watched it this year. At all. Damn.

    What's it been like? And have you been watching it?
  2. I watched one SD match the other week (DB\Cena tag match, heard DB wrestled the match and didnt take a single bump so had to see it. Was not disappointed). Other than that, I dont even remember when it was that I quit lol.
  3. Some time in early-mid 2014.
    Really haven't given a damn about SD in years.
  4. The last time I watched it was... Umm, last week.
  5. A full episode? Hmm like a month ago.. I watch the main tidbits and matches that sound good on paper on youtube.
  6. Watched it last night, was not bad at all.
  7. Watched the first two or three episodes once it changed to Thursdays. Since then, haven't bothered.
  8. Haven't watched it all year truthfully. I have watched some segments.
  9. When did Eddie Guerrero die?
  10. I feel so bad for laughing at this, bro.
  11. Probably when DZ or Christian was champion.
  12. Dayumn, I miss Christian.
  13. Weekly? 2012, shortly after the brand split ended. Been a few random episodes here and there.
    Don't blame the ones who watch, though.
  14. When Ryder beat Adam Rose on it earlier this year. Smackdown isn't exponentially worse than RAW, it just everything possible to be bad. How many midcard champs jobbed their dicks off before PPVs in the last 18 months? I know Kofi, Rose, and Truth have pulled out their smackdown wins vs champions.